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With gigabyte connection, our blazing fast hosting offers a substantial performance boost!

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We are always here to help and answer questions as we have numerous tiers of support across multiple platforms.

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Minecraft Hosting

Lag-free Minecraft hosting with DDoS protection, dedicated IP, and more!

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Game Hosting

Host your favorite game server with the best build for top notch game servers!

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VPS Hosting

Full root access, powerful and feature-rich virtual private servers!

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Only the most powerful hardware provided, a powerful machine all to yourself!

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The best host I have ever used! It has great support and amazing prices. The host is simple, fast and powerful to use! Been using Minecraft server hosting here for years, not a single complaint. It is really easy to use and it has a lot of articles and good community support if you need help. This is my favorite host and I will always keep using it! Thank you ElixirNode!

Sem Ermen

From TrustPilot
Vouch! The ceo is an amazing, hardworking and kind man. Minecraft server is running very smoothly, and can handle anything I hit with it, done some main-stream testing as well as testing it with numerous players. Highly recommend using the host!


From MCM
My experience with ElixirNode has been pleasant, their website is great, and the prices are also very affordable. While I needed some help at first, customer support very quickly resolved my issue through discord. I think that no other hosting service that I used had support THIS fast. Most certainly would recommend to anyone that is looking for hosting.

Fedor V

From TrustPilot
I have been a client of ElixirNode since 2018 and all I can say about ElixirNode is that it really is world-class hosting and the BEST website hosting provider. I am currently using ElixirNode to host my personal website and operate my software's anti-piracy and I have been experiencing absolutely no issues since Day 1.


From TrustPilot
Vouch, tested and used both minecraft and website hosting, it runs very smoothly and the support is very fast with response times, I highly recommend this host and will be recommending friends that are on a budget to ElixirNode.


From Discord
This is the best Minecraft server hosting providrr! Before I even bought anything, they were helpful and made sure I 100% knew of everything that I was doing so I did not waste money on something that I knew nothing about. The moderators and staff are super helpful. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for any server hosting plans.

Scar Vrl Anthony

From TrustPilot

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Frequently asked questions

What is ElixirNode?

ElixirNode is a reputable leader in Game, VPS, Website and Dedicated server hosting as well as other related services. For over 3 years, we have remained one of the highest quality and lowest priced hosts out there.

Do you guys do transfers?

Yes! We have transfers for every service for the exception of unmanaged vpses, if you would like us to transfer you from your old host we will do so for free and quickly!

Why is my server not active yet?

Depending on the service you have ordered, in rare cases it can take some time for your service to be activated. Every service should tell you how long it takes for it to be active, most of our services have instant activation.

Why choose ElixirNode?

You no longer have to find and coordinate with multiple platforms in order to get diverse forms of hosting services that are fast, secure, stable and affordable all at the same time. ElixirNode works as a one-stop source to accommodate all of your online hosting related requirements.
Whether you are a budding entrepreneur who is yearning to launch an online business website or just a gaming enthusiast looking for some fun and memorable gaming sessions with friends by playing minecraft, we have got all of your needs covered. From website and VPS to minecraft hosting, at ElixirNode we expertly provide you with whatever services you or your business venture requires.

We Find Strength in the Diversity of Our Customers:
Regardless of the type of account, you have with us and whatever kind of services you are getting from us, we treat all of our clients equally. Thanks to our extensive hosting services, we are so blessed to have such an amazing diversity of customers at ElixirNode. Our staff members interact with you by showing the utmost respect and keeping an invigorating smile on their faces. Drop us a mail right now and get the best website hosting services for your personal or corporate site by choosing the most compatible plan from various wonderful options.

We Are Super Fast and Up-To-Date:
Each server we have either for web, VPS or minecraft hosting, all of them are fully optimized for the maximum speed. From tangible equipment, such as processors, hard drives and RAM to the software which is responsible for running these aforementioned hardware components, we only employ the latest and cutting edge technology. Our experts understand that technology keeps on changing with time. Therefore we always stay proactive and constantly keep on updating our hardware and software.
It, consequently, brings our customers twofold benefits. First is obviously blazing speed and, the equally crucial, the second one is protected from different breeds of spam, viruses, malware and bugs. Having up-to-date infrastructure also depicts that ElixirNode will give you the opportunity to capitalize on the latest features offered by the online hosting industry.

Reliability is Our Hallmark:
Our specialists at ElixirNode are well aware of this fact that when it comes to the VPS hosting or any other service in which servers are involved, it is important to ensure 100% uptime. And that is what we always strive to do. Whether you want to enjoy a casual session of minecraft with your friends or trying to attract more customers through your corporate site, you can always count on us.

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