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With gigabyte connection, our blazing fast hosting offers a substantial performance boost!
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All of our servers are equipped with 24/7 DDoS Protection protecting all of our customers.
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We are always here to help and answer questions as we have numerous tiers of support across multiple platforms.
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The most affordable and powerful Minecraft servers!
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Full root access, feature-rich virtual private servers!
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The fastest and most valuable web hosting in the market!
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A powerful machine all to yourself, no sharing anything!
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Comparing ElixirNode to other hosts, it is safe to say, I have never gotten faster support elsewhere. They managed to fully setup two machines for me in less than two days, and they reinstalled them once again for me after I changed my mind on which OS I wanted to use. Recommend for anyone who values their time!
Obi / call911
From TrustPilot
Vouch! The ceo is an amazing, hardworking and kind man. Minecraft server is running very smoothly, and can handle anything I hit with it, done some main-stream testing as well as testing it with numerous players. Highly recommend using the host!
From MCM
ElixirNode is amazingly powerful, fast with absolutely no lag. I had a couple of issues here and there but discord support was always fast to resolve my problems. They recently updated their Minecraft control panel customizing everything and that was all that was missing, the panel looks unbelievably amazing now. I have been using them for 5 months and I would always recommend them to others!
Major Smith
From TrustPilot
ElixirNode is an amazing hosting service. I have used many and I mean many other hosts and ElixirNode stood out. For one I use them to power my website, the included features are astounding, and I applaud them for that. Thanks for the amazing hosting service!
From TrustPilot
Vouch, tested and used both minecraft and website hosting, it runs very smoothly and the support is very fast with response times, I highly recommend this host and will be recommending friends that are on a budget to ElixirNode.
From Discord
The staff at ElixirNode are very kind and quick to respond to my questions. The prices are amazing and probably the best I have seen for the quality, keep it up!
From TrustPilot
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Frequently asked questions
What is ElixirNode?
ElixirNode is an uprising leader in Minecraft, Website, VPS and Dedicated server hosting. Aiming to reach the top position, we are one of the highest quality and lowest priced hosts out there.
Do you guys do transfers?
Yes! We have transfers for every single service, if you would like us to transfer you from your old host we will do so for free!
Why is my server not active yet?
Depending on the service you have ordered, in rare cases it can take some time for your service to be activated. Every service should tell you how long it takes for it to be active, most of our services have instant activation.
I have more questions!
If you have more questions check out our help center at but if you cannot find your answer or need any help then contact us at