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A Developing Leader in Minecraft Hosting, cPanel Website Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. Dip yourself in the glory of Elixir, the cheapest for its quality and speed!
Gigabit Connection
Experience a lag-free server as our fearlessly fast connection ensures it.
DDoS Protection
All of our servers are equipped with 24/7 DDoS Protection protecting all of our customers.
Dedicated Support
We are always here to help and answer questions as we have numerous tiers of support across multiple platforms.
Blazing Fast
Our blazing fast hosting offers a substantial performance boost!
Bringing you the best from the river of Elixir
Minecraft Hosting
Starting at $1.00/mo
Website Hosting
Starting at $1.50/mo
Dedicated Servers
Starting at $50.00/mo


Vouch, tested and used both minecraft and website hosting, it runs very smoothly and the support is very fast with response times, I highly recommend this host and will be recommending friends that are on a budget to ElixirNode.
Network Owner, Online Entrepreneur
Vouch! The ceo is an amazing, hardworking and kind man. Minecraft server is running very smoothly, and can handle anything I hit with it, done some main-stream testing as well as testing it with numerous players. Highly recommend using the host!
Server Owner
Hmm, vouch copy reserved for special person!
Hmm, vouch copy reserved for special person!
Hmm, vouch copy reserved for special person!
Hmm, vouch copy reserved for special person!
Frequenly asked questions

What is ElixirNode?
ElixirNode is an uprising leader in Minecraft, Website and Dedicated Server Hosting. Aiming to reach the top position, we provide one of the highest qualities and cheapest hostings out there.
Where do I find my Server Details?
Please check your email or spam folder, or search "ElixirNode" to find emails from us and find the panel login details email. In it should contain all of your server details.
How do I login to my Panel?
If you have ordered a Minecraft server head over to and login using the credentials emailed to you. For website hosting simply click on your service for all the info. As for dedicated servers, please view the "dedicated server installation" ticket made for you or please wait for it.
My order has been pending for a while?
If you have made an order that does not contain an instant setup such as a dedicated server then we ask you be patient. If the order has not arrived within the designated time then please create a ticket.

Still have questions?