Intel Xeon & i7

DDR3 Ram

SSD Storage

Free MySQL

Free FastDL

Unlimited Everything

GarrysMod Good

Purchase $5.00

Ryzen 9 3900X

DDR4 Ram

NVMe Storage

Free Web Host

+Perks Good

Unlimited Everything

GarrysMod Amazing

Purchase $9.00

Unlimited Ram

Whenever you need more ram, you can always open a ticket following fair usage.

Unlimited Players

You can add as many player slots as you'd like, remember GarrysMod is max 32.

Unlimited Storage

Whenever you need more storage, you can always open a ticket following fair usage.

Unlimited Network

All servers come with unlimited premium bandwidth!

DDoS Protection

All GarrysMod servers are protected with enterprise DDoS protection.


Your GarrysMod server is equipped with enterprise latest gen hardware.

Stunning Panel

Enjoy controlling your GarrysMod server through our stunning game panel!

24/7 Support

We are always here to help at any date and any time with whatever you need.

garrysmod hosting like no other

Best GarrysMod Server Hosting

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in providing a guaranteed quality service, that we have a MBG policy!

Great Connection

Connect to your GarrysMod server seamlessly without worrying about lag at all.

Always Improving

We always upgrade our nodes to the latest gen hardware ensuring we always improve our service.

Frequently asked questions
What is GarrysMod hosting?
GarrysMod hosting allows you to a host a multiplayer GarrysMod server. This allows you to have a server that other players can connect to, whether friends or the public!
How many players can I have?
We allow you to have an unlimited amount of players. However, GarrysMod itself limits servers with a maximum of 32 players. You do not need to worry about any limits we place.
What does Unlimited Everything mean?
Unlimited Everything means Unlimited Ram, Unlimited Players and Unlimited Storage. Keep in mind that Ram and Storage is in accordance with our fair use policy, open a ticket for more.
What is the difference between the two plans?
Both plans have unlimited ram, players and storage. However, the Amazing plan latest gen hardware superior to the Good plan and providing you more freebies such as free website hosting.
Which location should my GarrysMod hosting be?
When considering which location to deploy your GarrysMod server, you need to consider your location as well as the location of the players that will also be playing on your server, whether friends or others.
What is the refund policy?
GarrysMod is a game host which is eligible for 24 hour money back guarantee. Beyond 24 hours, you may request compensation if there is a host related issue in accordance with our ToS.

Still have questions?