Connecting to your server via FTP (WinSCP)

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Connecting to your server using sFTP will allow you to access your server’s files using a FTP client allowing you to easily upload/download files as needed.

For Windows users we recommend using WinSCP for the FTP client, and for Mac users, you can use Filezilla. This article will cover on setting up both.
Though do keep in mind ElixirNode support uses FileZilla.

WinSCP download (Windows only):
Filezilla download (Windows and Mac OS):

Setting up WinSCP (Windows only)
1. First thing you will need is the server’s IP, and your password.
2. Start up WinSCP and select New Site.

3. Now to the right in the Session section you can leave File Protocol set to SFTP but if it does not work switch to FTP, and enter your server’s IP for the Host name, port number stays at 22, User name will be root and the Password will be your root password. After entering all of the info click the Save button to save this connection so you don’t have to keep doing this every time.

4. Give your connection a name, decide if you want to save the password or not, and then click the OK button.

5. Now you will see your newly created connection. Simply select it and click the Login button.

6. By default you will be in the /root directory if you login with the root user. If you want to go to the main directory of the VPS server just double click the two little dots (2)

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