How to install Forge

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1. Go to and find the version you want/need.

2. Once you have located the version you want to install on your server, click where it says Installer to download the version you’d like.

3. The file you downloaded should be named something like forge-xxxxx-installer.jar depending on what version you downloaded. When you are ready to install it place it into an empty folder and double-click the file to start the installation process.

4. Select the ‘Install server‘ option

5. Now click ‘‘ and chose an install directory for the files. (We highly recommend using an empty folder you had created earlier.) Click ‘OK‘ to install.

6. Once you get the confirmation that it has been installed, click ‘OK‘ to exit the installation process.

8. Delete the files that have the word ‘installer‘ in them as those are not needed.

9. Now simply upload the .zip you have created to your server and unzip it using our online file manager. (we recommend starting with an empty server, you may also utilize FileZilla)

10. After the files have been unzipped, you will need to tell your server to load the forge-universal jar file by selecting “default” on our jar selection menu and typing in the name of the jar completely, make sure the server is looking for jars in the server base directory via advanced settings.

11. After it has been selected, click the Save button at the bottom, and start your server and Forge will now be loaded on it.

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