How to restart your Minecraft server

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This article will help you find and restart your Minecraft server host properly. A lot of people are unaware of the correct way to restart a Minecraft server. This article will help you restart your server properly.

The first thing you want to do is to log in to your ElixrNode game panel.

Find your server. If you have multiple servers, make sure you select the one you want to restart.

After you have located the server, you want to find and click the yellow “RESTART” button. The restart button will disable all the plugins, worlds, and files you have active, it will stop the server and then start it again. You can also use the /reload command through the console or in-game. The /reload command will reload all plugins on the server without restarting it, however, it is not a safe option.

Why you should never use the /reload command
The /reload command should never be used. The reason you should not use the /reload command is that it can break your server. Developers and plugins aren’t always coded to function with the command. Therefore, events in the plugin can break, stop functioning or simply stop working. The command can also interfere with data, and hashmap and create errors in the plugins you have. A full server restart always works and makes sure the server functions correctly with all the plugins. We recommend that you, by all means, stay clear of the /reload command and restart your server properly.

The difference between the “RESTART” and “KILL” button
The “RESTART” button will restart your server properly. It will disable the one-by-one plugin before stopping the server and starting it again. The “KILL” button forces the server to shut down. It’s in the word, “KILL”. It kills the server and instantly stops it. However, this is not recommended due to the kill button forcing the disabling of everything at the same time, instead of disabling everything one-by-one.

Things to know
— The /reload command can break your server. Try to stay clear of it.
— You should always use the “RESTART” button.
— The “KILL” button should not be used unless you have to.

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