How to run plugins and mods at the same time on your Minecraft server

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In this article, we will be explaining how to run plugins of your choice alongside mods on your hosting for minecraft server using a jar called Magma. Although Magma is not currently on the top 5 best minecraft server jars yet it is still more useful in comparison to Forge which only allows you to install mods.

Download the latest version of Magma from the Magma Foundations website. Magma only officially supports 1.12.2 at the time of writing but beta versions of Magma 1.15.2 are available without official support from their Github page. The current download links are found here.

Head to the Minecraft panel (in all of these pictures we will be using darkmode on the panel), add the .jar file to your Minecraft server and select it as your default jar. If you’re unsure of how to add a custom jar to your Minecraft server we have an article on how to do this here you mind find useful. Once everything is set up and good to go, restart your Minecraft server.

Now your server has restarted you should see a new file in your FTP file manager called mods. Navigate to that file [Home > Mods] and upload and mods you want to that folder, making sure they’re compatable with 1.12.2 and compatable with Magma as a select few mods are currently not compatable. The mods that are currently not compatable are as follows; FastWorkBench, Cubic Chunks, SkyFactory 4 (Can be fixed if you disable FoamFix core) and First Aid Mod.

Download any plugins you want to run, ensuring they are compatible with 1.12.2 and Bukkit. Then Navigate in the FTP files manager to the Plugins directory [Home > Plugins] then using the upload button, upload the jar files of the plugins you wish to use. In this demonstration, we show a WorldEdit jar file. This step is the same as on any other spigot/bukkit server and we have a helpful guide here if you’re unsure.

Restart your server. The button to restart the server can be found on your minecraft hosting panel homepage.

Assuming you have all of the mods on your server downloaded to your local client you should be good to go from here!

If you still need help you can always contact us!

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