ISSUE: PayPal subscription did not renew


Issue date: January 7, 2021 – to – PRESENT
This article/tutorial will be removed once the issue is resolved.
This article will show how to switch out of the not working PayPal option, that you may have an active subscription with that is no longer working.
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Login to client area and click on “Billing” and head to “My Invoices“.

Click on the unpaid invoice you would like to fix.

Click on “PayPal (Not Working)” and change it to “PayPal” or “Credit Card”.

Once you click on one of the options, click the “PayPal” or “Pay Now” button and then simply go through and check out / pay!

If you select:
PayPal > You can then re-setup subscription just as you did before with PayPal, or pay manually.
Credit Card > Our recommended option, you can simply add your card info and pay!

If you have any further questions/concerns, or need help contact us.

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