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There are so many things you can do on your Minecraft server host and these things are brought into existence using Plugins and/or Mods on your Minecraft server. But there are over 50,000 Minecraft plugins out there, and selecting only a few from this overwhelming list of plugins is a daunting task, to say the least. In this article, we will go over some of the essential free and premium plugins that you can have on your server, some being fundamental and others being pure fun must-haves! If you do not have an ElixirNode minecraft hosting server, make sure to check out our Minecraft server hosting services as it is the best on the market.

FREE Recommended Plugins

Even though the plugins are free, by no means are they low quality. Even big servers use Free plugins, so you can add them without any hesitation! They are created by passionate people who want to give back to this fantastic community. Real effort goes into making them.

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Luck perms is an ideal plugin for any server; it easily allows you to set up ranks along with specific permissions, making the job of the server owner way easier. The LuckPerms devs also created a user-friendly GUI for the LuckPerms editor, which can also be opened in the browser!

– EssentialsX
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Essentials X sums up its use case with its name itself. With over 3 million downloads, this is an absolute steal as you’re getting it for free! The plugin is absolutely essential to any server, with over 100 commands that allow you, the server owner, to navigate through the various problems on the server; the plugin has been a top grade plugin for a while now.

– MultiverseCore
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If you manage a server, you know how tedious it is to form one world to the other or connect different worlds together, especially if you’re not a technical-minded person. Multiverse core solves this issue most efficiently, giving you the time to append on more important things, like making the server a better place.

– Paintball Battle
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The plugin brings the fun of paintball battles to the Minecraft world. The plugin features many customizable features like arena cooldown, sounds, winner rewards, team customization, and more! Apart from the technical plugins, we also have some unique and fun ones, like Paintball Battle.

– Screaming Bedwars
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Bed wars have been a staple Mini-game in the Minecraft community for a while now. The mini-game is loved by all players, and it is an essential mini-game to add to your server. Screaming wars will take care of this for you and allow all the customization options you’ll ever need!

– Skywars Reloaded
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skywars reloaded

Like bed wars, skywars also has a huge fan following. The mini-game will surely bring a lot of traffic to your server if you provide high-quality features and gameplay, which can be easily achieved by using Skywars Reloaded. The plugin has been the go-to plugin for all the server’s sky wars-related needs.

– Iridium Skyblock
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Skyblock is a fantastic mini-game, and iridium skyblock will take care of adding it to your servers. With many unique customizations options available, you will indeed have a lot of fun on this one.

– Voucher
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Having vouchers inside the game make the process of handing our unique items, discounts, rewards, etc, very easy. The Vouchers plugins will let you create custom vouchers with any item; this can be a piece of paper or a stick; it’s up to you.

– Libsdisguises
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Libdisguises is a sneaky plugin; it allows the player to disguise as anything in the game or disguise an entity as a different entity. This makes way for a lot of interesting mini-games. There is also a paid version available if you want to access features like Hide-n-seek.

– EasyBackup
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When has having a backup ever created a mess? Easy backup will let you backup your server at regular intervals by setting the time for frequent backups.

– WorldGuard
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Even after putting out a warning, there will always be players who will try to break stuff on the servers. Worldguard will allow you to create a secure zone where the players won’t destroy any block.

– Vault
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Not the most game-changing plugin on the list, but Vault is a necessity if you’re planning on adding a lot of plugins; it will allow you to manage them efficiently.

– Dynmap
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Dynmap is basically the Google maps equivalent for your Minecraft world!

– Holographic Displays
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holographic displays

Many top servers use holographic texts to direct players; it’s time you did too using this easy-to-use plugin.

PREMIUM Recommended Plugins

Premium plugins are often very high quality, and most of the big servers also use most of the plugins on the list given below, so you should definitely venture into the premium side as well, as you might find something unique that’ll set your server apart from others.

– mcMMO
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If you’re planning on starting a new MMO server, this is the plugin you need; it is one of the oldest ones out there and adds a ton of excellent features.

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Advanced Anti Cheat will keep all those pesky hackers and griefers out of your server so that the community has fun.

– DeluxeChat
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If you’re tired of the same old Minecraft chat screen, you can add some cool customizations using this plugin.

– Libsdisguises Premium
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We’ve already covered Libsdisguises on the free plugins list. Still, a paid version of the same plugin also adds even more cool features such as hide-n-seek to the game. If you enjoyed the free version, then you’ll be thrilled by getting the paid one as well.

– Litebans
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There’s always some player in the server who tries to mess up the vibe; this plugin will allow you to get rid of such trouble makers by simply banning the player through his/her IP, UUID, and name. It is an essential plug-in for any server that wants to withhold a reputation.

– ShopGUI+
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Shopping markets or districts in Minecraft servers are common, and it’s essential in running a successful server. Shop GUI+ will only enhance this feature by adding GUI shops to the game, which are customizable.

– Ultrapermissions
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Creating a hierarchy of sorts in the Minecraft server is very important if you don’t want every player to be running around changing the server’s look. But setting such permissions is often very tricky for new server owners, Ultrapermsissions provided a user-friendly GUI that allows you to set permissions easily.

– VoteParty
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Voting can be an essential part of any Minecraft server if appropriately executed. The Vote party can allow you to set rewards for players when you reach a certain amount of votes.

– Bannerboard
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Bannerboards allow the players to create custom images with the help of maps, this is a unique take, and we love it. The amount of detail you can put into these banners is just incredible.

– Featherboard
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Feather board is a universally acclaimed plugin; it is used on big servers and small servers alike because of its unique features. It allows the players to see their levels, health, or other things that the server owner might want to put.

Hope you thought our list was awesome!
– Do remember, there are 50,000 Minecraft plugins out there, you can play around with a bunch through our plugin manager on our game panel or through plugins list on sites such as spigot.
– Make sure to also check out our top 25 free Minecraft plugins article!
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– Ensure to check if a plugin has any dependencies or it may not work.

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