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Open Positions:

Marketing Manager
You will undergo a trial under agreed upon terms and after you pass the interview stage. If we are still interested then you will receive the position, your task is to help manage the advertising front of ElixirNode and create campaigns to increase our brand awareness.

Pay: Hourly/Campaign
Experience Needed: Excellent
Contracted: Yes

Application Coming Soon

Sales Rep
You will undergo a 1 week trial to see how you progress and work to help bring ElixirNode clients, the trial will determine if you are admitted into the position or not. Your task is to help expand our client base whilst benefiting from the program!

Type: Part Time
Pay: 100% of sales (non-consecutive)
Experience Needed: High
Contracted: No

Application Coming Soon

Support Agent
Communication is key, you must love to help others and work with those around you. You must be active at most times and have previous experience that has taught you how to respond to clients in certain situations. Your task is to answer support tickets, interact and help out the community as well as to do other various tasks.

Pay: Volunteer/Commission
Experience Needed: Medium
Contracted: Possibly

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A professional and motivated attitude along with a great work ethic is required for all positions. We take our customers very seriously and as an uprising host we try to provide the highest quality hosting. If you have any questions regarding the positions above please reach out to support.