Unturned Mythical

$1.50/GB ram/mo

Intel Xeon & i7 DDR3 Ram SSD Storage Unlimited Everything

Unturned Eternal

$3.00/GB ram/mo

Ryzen 3900X & 5900X & 6900HX DDR4 ECC Ram NVMe SSD Storage Unlimited Everything FREE Website and Discord Bot Hosting

Best Unturned Server Hosting

With combination of lowest prices in the market being priced at per GB of ram rather than player slots and best features and servers, we are the best Unturned server hosting provider out there and we offer a price match to guarantee it!

Price & Quality Match Money Back Guarantee 24/7 Blazing Fast Unturned Servers

Unlimited Everything

All Unturned servers come with Unlimited Players, Unlimited Storage, and Unlimited Bandwidth.

Lagless Experience

All Unturned servers have are seamless and lag-less being powered by blazing fast servers!

24/7 Support

We are here to help 24/7 whether through the site, livechat, or even through discord.

Unturned Hosting Features

There are two distinctive things that make us the best, the first is pricing where we provide you a pricing scheme of per GB of ram instead of players slots allowing you to spend way less money and give you endless potential!

Secondly, we provide one of the best servers out there with enterprise hardware, strong DDoS protection, and a fast network connection allowing you to never be worried about lag on your Unturned server.

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Frequently asked questions
What is Unturned Hosting?
Unturned server hosting allows you to host a multiplayer Unturned server where you and your friends or community can play together and customize the server to your needs!
How many players can I have?
All Unturned servers come with unlimited players, we do not charge per player slot like other hosts, you only have to pay for each GB of ram, making it much more affordable!
What is the difference between the two plans?
Some important things differ, the Unturned Eternal plan has better hardware and more features including freebies such as free web and discord bot hosting included!
What does Unlimited Everything mean?
Unlimited Everything means your Unturned server comes with Unlimited Players, Unlimited Storage, and Unlimited Bandwidth, so all you have to worry about is the ram and that is it.

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