$2.00per gb ram monthly

Intel i7 & Xeon CPU

DDR4 Ram

HDD Storage

Auto Mod Manager

Free MySQL Databases

Free FastDL


$3.00per gb ram monthly

Ryzen 9 3900X CPU


NVMe SSD Storage

Free Dedicated IP

Free Website Hosting

+Perks from Tricer


Addon Support

Our servers support any ark mods or dlc.

Gorgeous Panel

Without a shadow of a doubt, you will love our panel!

Full Control

Our gorgeous panel gives you full control over your server.

Unlimited Essentials

Unlimited storage and players, free of charge!

Premium Service

Premium hardware, support, ddos protection, you name it.

Free & Fast Transfer

We will transfer you from your old host fast & free of charge.

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Frequently asked questions
What is Ark?
Stranded on the shores of a mysterious island, you must learn to survive. Use your cunning to kill or tame the primeval creatures roaming the land, and encounter other players to survive, dominate... and escape! That is basically the premise of Ark: Survival Evolved, get a premium ark hosting server from us today to setup your own Ark server!
What is the difference between Tricer and Rex?
Rex is superior to the Tricer plan, it includes all of the perks received with tricer but with an extra perk that is free dedicated ip, free website hosting and more to come. However, the major difference between the plans is the hardware, the Rex plan comes with a more up to date and much more powerful Ryzen CPU that is required for more professional servers with very heavy loads requiring the best performance possible!
How do I get started with Ark hosting?
Getting started with your Ark server hosting is super easy and can be done within minutes. Simply select your desired tier from the two tiers at the top and click "Configure", after that make sure to configure the server to make sure everything looks perfect then click "Continue". After that you will complete the check out process which will take you through how to get completed and you will be all good to go! Everything is pretty self-explanatory and made very easy for you.
Why choose ElixirNode Ark hosting?
Quality Hardware for Ark Hosting:
When looking for the right host for Ark, hosting a server with powerful hardware is essential. All our Ark server hosting plans boast an impressive Ryzen™ CPU. Make hosting an Ark server a breeze with a blazing fast Ryzen 5 3600 CPU which comes as standard on all of our Tricer plans for as little as $2 per GB per month! No other hosting company can offer Ark server hosting plans with such great performance for such a small cost. So if you need a server with the best performance out there for Ark, hosting a server with us will be perfect for you! Looking for more? We also offer the mindblowing Ryzen™ 9 3700x and the Ryzen™ 9 3900x CPUs, with all Rex Ark server hosting plans; so when looking for a lightning fast server for Ark, hosting a server with ElixirNode is the way to go! Gone are the days of lag on YOUR Ark server host with our DDR4 ram, and the option to add blazing fast NVMe SSD storage on our Rex Ark server hosting plans. Why settle for second best? Check out our Ark server hosting today for as little as $2/GB: End the endless search for the best, if it’s Ark, hosting a server with ElixirNode is the only way to go!

Hundreds of Features for Ark Server Hosting:
Only ElixirNode’s Ark server hosting plans come complete with hundreds of unique features to make your time with Ark, hosting a server all the more enjoyable and pleasant. When working with Ark, hosting a server can be a strain on your eyes, which is why our Ark server hosting panel comes with Dark Mode built in, so you can reduce the strain on your eyes while working on your Ark server hosting. Our Ark server hosting plans also come complete with full mod support, allowing you to add any mod or dlc to Ark, hosting a server has never been more simple! On Top of this, we also offer a free transfer from your old Ark server hosting provider, so you can spend less time worrying about your server, and more time playing Ark, hosting a server has never been so hassle free. All our Ark server hosting plans also come with free storage, unlimited player slots, enterprise grade DDOS protection and literally hundreds of other features included in the cost, because at ElixirNode, we’re always putting YOU first! So when looking for someone to host Ark, hosting a server at ElixirNode is the best option available!

Ark Server Hosting Lowest Prices:
Here at ElixirNode, we offer the lowest prices per GB ram you’ll find. We can achieve this by having Ark hosting on a shared dedicated server. Ark hosting non dedicated servers will allow us to cut the costs for your server dramatically without compromising on performance, by sharing the performance of a single larger dedicated server between multiple clients. Ark hosting, non dedicated servers, will save you money, and will give you the freedom and control you need to make your server amazing, as you can use as much or as little of a single, shared dedicated server as you wish. That’s why ElixirNode prides itself on putting you in control of your products, unlike other hosting companies out there. That’s why when it comes to Ark server hosting, ElixirNode is the obvious choice.

Extreme Freedom Over Ark Hosting:
At ElixirNode, for our Ark hosting servers, we pride ourselves on giving you the freedom you need for your Ark hosting server needs. That’s why we won’t charge you for CPU power and ram you don’t need; as with our Ark hosting servers can be configured to have as much or as little ram and cpu cores as you see fit for your server. Here at ElixirNode, we also give you a stunning game panel for your Ark hosting server that gives you the freedom to do whatever you please with your server, with free MySQL databases, unlimited storage and fantastic addon support so you can add as many mods or dlc packs as you wish to your Ark hosting server. Of course, all of these extras for your Ark hosting server come completely free with any of our Ark hosting server packages, giving you peace of mind that you’re paying less for more, only with ElixirNode.

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