Giving support staff access via game panel

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This article will outline the steps to giving our support staff access on the game panel. Support staff will request access to your server when it is a necessary mean to helping you out and fixing an issue on your server or providing advice. Support staff will only request access if you have an open ticket and one is responding to it, please do not grant any support staff access unless you are speaking to them directly via a ticket.

Login to the game panel, click on “Manage” on your server and you will be at the “Console” which is also the server’s overview. From here, simply click on “Staff Requests“.

Once you’re here, you will need to 1st grab your server ID from the link as shown in the screenshot. Then you will give this ID to the support staff in the ticket who will then send a request to you which will appear on this page. 2nd, simply click the checkmark to provide access to that support staff.

Once the support staff has helped you out they will delete their access. If they do not then you can see that on the page and so you can delete it yourself. Please double-check to make sure they still do not have access after the issue is resolved.

For any further questions/concerns contact us.

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