How to activate your free addons

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This article will show you how to activate your free website hosting, Songoda premium plugin(s) and/or free dedicated IP.

Head to
You will be redirected to creating a ticket, it will look like this:

For free web hosting you want to request for it and provide the following information: Desired Username, Desired Password and Domain.
Desired Username :: This is the username you want for your cPanel login.
Desired Password :: This is the password you want for your cPanel login.
Domain :: This is the domain you want to use with the web host.
If you do not have a domain, purchase one here.

For free Songoda premium plugin you want to head to the Minecraft hosting page and select from the plugin list the plugin(s) you wish to request for and state it in the ticket.

For free dedicated IP, you do not have to do anything, as we actually provision those automatically, however, if for some reason you did not get yours you may create a normal ticket!

We hope this article was helpful, if you are still confused or need help then reach out to us!

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