How to change your game panel password

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This tutorial will assist you on how to change your game panel password with or without you being logged in. Please note that if you are not logged into the game panel, you will need to use your email, as an email will be sent by ElixirNode to reset your password.

#1 whilst logged in

Login to the game panel, then hover over the “My Account Icon” and click it.

game panel dashboard

Once you have clicked on the “My Account Icon”, please update all your new information in the “Update Password” Box. When you are done updating all your new information please press the “Update Password” button.

game panel change password inside

You will be redirected back to the game panel. Please input your new password with your old email.

panel login page

#2 whilst logged off, forgot password

Click the “Forgot Password” button.

game panel forgot password button

Please input your new email in the “Email Box“.

game panel forget password

An Email should be sent to your Inbox. If you are resetting your password via iPhone or Android, it is recommended you use the Gmail App. If on P.C. or Mac, simply just check your email by typing Gmail in the Google Search Engine. As soon as you login via Gmail, you should see an “email from ElixirNode” – simply just click it.

reset password email

Click the “Reset PasswordBox” in the email sent.

reset password button in email

It will prompt you to a Reset Password screen. Input all your new information and then click the “Reset PasswordButton“.

reset button game panel

Tutorial Conclusion
 Your Password has now been changed for your account, and as a result, the security of account is stronger!
 You can always change your password at anytime by refollowing the steps!
 The purpose of changing your password, is to make your life is easier, and to ensure your account stays secure.

If you still require more assistance or encounter with any issues, please feel free to contact us!

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