How to connect to your CSGO hosting server

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Once you purchase a csgo server host from ElixirNode’s csgo server hosting you will need to be able to connect to it in game some how. Since Counter Strike hosting is not fully officially supported by Valve you will need to use the developer console to connect to the server as shown below. You can learn how to enable the console here.

First things first, You need to launch CS:GO! You can either launch it from steam or your desktop icon. If the game needs to update let it do it’s update or you may not be able to connect to your csgo server.

The CS:GO desktop icon to start the game
Double click on desktop icon

To connect to your csgo server running on our Counter Strike Hosting, enter your console using ~ while you are on the main menu. The console allows you to use many different commands and most importantly for this tutorial the connect command.

~ button on keyboard to connect to csgo server
Standard QWERTY keyboard, Source: Wikipedia

Once in the console type connect serverip:port for example to connect to one of Bananagaming’s Retake servers you will type in console connect and then press enter or click submit. From there you should be able to connect to the csgo host and play! ElixirNode’s csgo server hosting is one of the fastest around so if you are unable to connect to your csgo server make sure it is running and that your plugins or addons are working properly. You can find your CSGO server’s IP:Port within the game panel.

CS:GO console with the commamd "connect"
CS:GO server IP in a console.

This article went over how to connect to your server running on ElixirNode’s csgo hosting. If you have any further questions or still need help, contact us.

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