How to setup scheduled tasks for your Minecraft server

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Scheduled tasks is a feature of our Minecraft control panel, you can allow your server to run tasks on a set basis for your Minecraft host.

You need to log into your Minecraft Panel and click on Advanced >Scheduled Tasks in the left side bar.

Click on “New Task” in the left side bar to create a new task.

When you see this screen you can create your scheduled task. There are many things you can do with scheduled tasks such as send a message on the server. I called mine “My First Task”, set it to scheduled, set the start time and date, set it to run every minute, set the command to Admin Say, put the text “Testing my Scheduled tasks!” and set it to run for server. There are many other options and they usually work just like their in-game counterparts. Once done click the purple create button.

Confirm that your task is set up by looking on the main Scheduled Tasks page that you now have a new task that will run on your server as console every minute after the first run.

Here it is! The scheduled task command running for the first time and repeating.

To delete a task go, Click on the task name in the tasks list and then go on the sidebar and click Delete Task. Confirm it in the little warning window and then it will be gone.

There is a lot more you can do with scheduled tasks when you implement custom commands so go nuts!

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