How to upgrade/downgrade your service

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There can be a variety of reasons for upgrading or downgrading your service, you can be short of money, you can be just trying out the company to see if it will suit your needs. Or your project has expanded or shrunk thus requiring additional or subtraction of resources. ElixirNode allows you to change the configuration of certain services with relative ease within your panel. This article will be explaining the steps in which to make this happen.

Once you have signed up for you brand new service with ElixirNode and it’s active. You can head to This is where Elixirnode members can do various things like, buying a domain, ordering hosting, making payments of getting support. This is where you would also get to your Client Area.

Once you’re in the website, you can click on the ‘Account’ button on the top right that will bring up a dropdown menu having the options to Login, Register or provide password recovery. As this article is with the assumption that you already have a service with ElixirNode, you can head to Login.

After Logging in with your credentials to the client area, you can view you Services, Domains, Support Tickets and Invoices. Since this is going to be about upgrading or downgrading your services you will then have to head to Services, then select the service that you want to change.

Once you are in the Product Details page of the Services, if you look at the right of the page you will see the ‘Actions’ section. Within the list of different ‘Actions’ you can do with your service, you can select Upgrade/Downgrade.

Once you’re at this part, you can see a list of different services you can upgrade to, as well as the details about the services. At this point, you can choose the billing cycle of the service and the option you want to upgrade to. You will be able to upgrade of downgrading these resources without it impacting on files or anything like that.

After selecting the service you want to upgrade to, information is given about how the price is calculated, it has taken into account the amount of time that is left on your billing cycle and bought down the cost of upgrading to the new one. You can then select your payment method, enter a Promotional Code and hit ‘Continue’ to be redirected to your payment method.

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