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Key Differences Between a Premium Server and a Cracker Server

Comparing the values offered by both Premium servers and Cracked servers, there are a number of various differences that exist between the two. Whether you utilize a premium version or a cracked version, hosting the servers shouldn’t be an issue. However, there are numerous upsides and downsides that you may need to face if you choose to use one server over the other. 

Although Premium services and Cracked servers both have their fair share of benefits, they differ immensely when it comes to four major characteristics, as seen through the image below.

The differences and similarities between Premium and Minecraft Hosting Cracked Server are displayed as under:

Accessibility for Other Gamers

First and foremost, it is imperative to note that premium servers are limited to only those gamers who legally own a copy of Minecraft. The reason for this is so that only those gamers may join these servers who own proper and licensed copies of Minecraft rather than cracked versions. This is done so in order to ensure that the integrity of the gaming experience, for the users, is upheld at all times. Now, even though Premium servers may limit their gamers on the basis of those who legally own a copy of Minecraft and those who don’t, these servers often allow as many people as you want within a game at once, provided all the users own Minecraft. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be any further complications either if you choose to purchase a Premium Minecraft Hosting Server, considering that this server doesn’t promote the illegal use of a cracked version of Minecraft.

On the contrary, Cracked Minecraft Hosting Servers are immensely different. Cracked Minecraft Servers, although costing the same as Premium Minecraft Hosting Servers, may not require their users to own Minecraft. In other words, these servers enable everyone to join, whether they possess or purchase Minecraft or not. However, these servers may not always uphold their level of gaming experience, considering that they don’t actually require you to own Minecraft. In this way, cracked servers help you save up to twenty to thirty dollars that you may need to spend on owning the base version of Minecraft.

Level of Security

Moving to the level of security offered by both the servers, it should be evident which server offers the higher level of security. Considering that Premium Servers require their users to legally own Minecraft and are widely looked after by various experts at all times, their level of security is not to be compromised. Moreover, if the level of security of a Premium Minecraft Hosting Server is conceded, it could prove to be a tremendous issue for the company that hosts the server. When people pay loads of money for a service, they deserve the utmost level of cooperation and security, indicating that a security breach could land any company in hot waters that associates itself with selling Premium Minecraft Hosting Servers. 

When it comes to Minecraft Cracked Servers, things may not be as simple, though. Considering the fact that this type of server is used by everyone (even those who haven’t bought Minecraft), these servers may prove to be hazardous to a considerable extent. Not only would you be exposing yourself to the risk of your private data being unveiled, but the entire process could be deemed unethical as well as illegal, by many. Cracked servers can be used if someone doesn’t wish to spend extra on the actual game, but the risk they display or possess indicates that they must be used with precaution and care at all times. 

Ability to Make Money

With Premium Minecraft Hosting Servers, you can rest assured knowing that you’re doing nothing wrong. In addition, since everything is fairly regulated by numerous professionals at any given point in time, any issue you face is likely to be taken seriously and resolved at the earliest convenience of the company providing you the hosting services for Minecraft servers. This means that live streaming a game, recording gameplay for YouTube, or gaming on a server, may all be considered as activities through which you can easily earn money. Moreover, considering that this entire process is regularly maintained, you can remain confident that you can play Minecraft with ease, all the while making a decent sum of money. 

Taking Cracked Minecraft servers into account, deeming the fact that these servers are deemed somewhat unethical, they may pose a number of issues if you wish to earn from them. Alongside chances of a possible security breach, Cracked Servers may also be put at the risk of getting banned since they don’t possess proper licensing to use Minecraft and use a cracked version of the game instead.

EULA Compliance

EULA or End User License Agreement is highly crucial to consider whenever you choose to utilize a software. The EULA is able to dictate how a software is to be used and what limitations it poses. Keeping Premium and Cracked Minecraft Hosting Servers in mind, Premium servers are ethically bought and are compliant in accordance with the End User License Agreement. This indicates that a Premium version is to be used without any worries at all since you legally own a specific piece of software to run all your games and whatnot. It’s also important to note that a violation of the End User License Agreement isn’t precisely a violation of the law. However, an End User License Agreement protects the integrity of a consumer’s gaming experience and ensures that no bugs emerge within the system. If the End User License Agreement doesn’t exist between the customer and the vendor (supplier of the software), then the company may not be held responsible for any issues that the customer may face concerning anything related to the Hosting Server. 

It’s evident that the EULU exists for the sole purpose of avoiding the misuse of a software and protecting the rights of the consumer. Nonetheless, if an individual chooses to play Minecraft on a Cracked Minecraft Hosting Server, the responsibility of a potential mishap may fall on the shoulders of the individual who utilizes the server and not on the shoulders of another entity in itself, be it a person or a company. Now, even though an individual may utilize a cracked server knowing that it doesn’t violate any legal regulations, the server may still have detrimental effects with no one other to account for the losses but the consumer themselves. 

When it comes to Premium Minecraft Hosting Servers, they’re often the best of the best. Since each and every gamer utilizing the platform may need to legally own the game if they wish to play on this server, this type of server is heavily reinforced by the company that makes Minecraft itself (Mojang Studios). In this way, people with cracked servers are not able to join premium servers, owing to the fact that they don’t have to buy Minecraft, in the first place.

With Cracked Minecraft Hosting Servers, however, there is no moral nor legal obligation for a company to provide a standardized level of service. As stated beforehand, Cracked Minecraft Hosting Servers don’t need their users to possess the Minecraft, which is why they cost the consumer less, but might end up posing further problems when it comes to smoothly running the game. Cracked servers may often be available online only due to the fact that Minecraft is often deemed too expensive, by its consumers.  

You may have a right to question the services you are being offered if you’re utilizing a premium software, yet, there isn’t much to question if you resort to cracked servers instead. With Cracked servers, there’s no guarantee that your games will go by smoothly without posing any problems. In fact, the entire experience with a cracked server might actually prove to be the exact opposite instead. Suppose thirty players choose to play Minecraft on a server. If the individuals play on a premium server, it is imperative for each and every one of them to pay the allotted price for hosting as well as own Minecraft. On the contrary, if the individuals choose to play on a cracked server, only the hosting services of a cracked server need to be bought by all of the individuals, all the while there may be no need to purchase the game.

What Are Some Key Similarities Between Premium Servers and Cracked Servers?

Keeping aside the differences that exist between the two, Premium servers and Cracked servers have a lot in common as well. Both these servers provide similar services with certain key differences, which must be taken into account. However, despite providing similar functionalities, it is still essential in noting that cracked servers are more open to security threats and other major vulnerabilities, whereas premium server providing sites often have extensive teams to look after their systems and may be held responsible if their server goes downhill. The site that provides the server may also be held responsible if their services damage consumer property in anyway.

Having said that, here are some of the major functions that are common between both types of servers:

Support Any Version of Minecraft

One thing to take into account with regards to Minecraft Hosting Servers, as well as from the image displayed above, is that both Premium and Cracked Servers may support all versions of Minecraft. This may be a huge relief for most people, considering that they won’t have to choose between premium or cracked servers just to run a specific version of Minecraft. Hosting several different servers just to run various versions of Minecraft may not only turn out to be expensive, but also exhausting, to a certain extent. Switching to different servers to play Minecraft may take up additional time and further add up to be a nuisance for any gamer whosoever.

Similar Server Functionalities

What’s important to note about both the Premium Minecraft Hosting Server and the Cracked Minecraft Hosting Server is that they provide similar functionalities. They’re both incredibly easy and convenient to set up and don’t tend to act as uncanny if you wish to play Minecraft with your friends. Also, both the servers are set up in the same way and aren’t that different from each other. The only major key difference that exists between the two is that the premium servers provide higher-quality and more secured, since each and every of their users legally owns the game, whereas cracked servers provide seemingly lower-quality services. Cracked servers act out as such because they don’t comply with the End User License Agreement and are deemed illegal, by some. Now, violating the End User License Agreement is not a crime in itself, nor is it illegal, however, the reason why Cracked Minecraft Hosting Servers are considered as illegal is because the actual customers of Minecraft have to resort to paying high prices in order to play the game. Since cracked servers don’t need for you to actually own the game, they lack proper licensing above all else.

May Support Any Plugins

When we think about plug-ins, in general, we’re more likely to think about physical hardware; however, things couldn’t be further from the truth. Plug-ins are more software-related and have little to no connection with the actual hardware of a computer or a laptop. Plug-ins are often defined as a software that may be used to add an extension to an already existing computer program. Moreover, plug-ins help enable customization, meaning they could help formulate softwares that may further appeal to individuals of various interests. One of the many plugins used by both the servers is the AuthMe Plug-in. This plug-in, in particular, is utilized in order to avoid people from spamming on a server or to stop them from trolling, in general. The AuthMe plug-in stops people who aren’t signed into a server from typing commands, viewing player inventory and placing blocks, in order to aggravate a player. In addition, this plug-in may also be utilized to set up a mode of protecting the server against any unwanted players. The plug-in can be used to automatically kick out players with uncanny long or short names, before them even joining the server.

Another notable plug-in used by numerous gamers is the SkinsRestorer plug-in. It can be defined as a plug-in that restores or saves your skins for servers and networks that work in offline modes. The plug-in also gives the gamers a chance to change their skins at will, by using a single command.

Can Run Any and All Mods

Mods or modifications are often defined as the customizations that can be made with regards to a game. Most games are modded in order to test out how certain key scenarios would play out. For instance, a modded version of Minecraft could enable an individual to fight off against a hundred creepers at once. In this way, mods can not only turn out to be incredibly exciting but also useful to test out all sorts of scenarios that may exist within the game. 

For this reason, running mods is a key feature and is deemed a must-have for most gamers. For this reason, both Premium and Cracked Minecraft Hosting Servers enable their users to utilize mods within their games. Normal gameplay also tends to become boring from time to time, due to which adding mods and customizing gaming scenarios end up making games much more appealing or interactive. Mods can help revive a dead game, indicating that their significance is evident. 

Mods or modifications serve countless functions in making a game more intriguing. Certain mods can be used to change the graphics of Minecraft while some mods are usable in adding blocks, items or mobs to your gameplay. Furthermore, mods can also be used to grant players with special abilities while also being able to alter entire landscapes, as a whole. They can also be used to alter or fasten up a player’s speed so that playing the game becomes increasingly easier.

Moreover, what’s even more interesting to note is that mods are not illegal. However, Mojang Studios has mentioned within the End User License Agreement that the mods used with Minecraft are not to be commercialized, in any way, shape or form. These mods may be given from one player to another, yet may not be sold. Also, mods are often safe to use, provided that you get them from a reliable source. You can rest assured knowing your game won’t be corrupted, since they’re both safe and easy to install.


Despite both Premium and Cracked Minecraft Hosting Servers having their own merits and demerits, they enable interactive gaming experiences between numerous groups of friends and call for individuals to be able to have a good time. For this reason, at the end of the day, they may both be used, in order to enjoy an interactive game of Minecraft.

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