How to Change Minecraft Server Seed

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With your purchase of a Minecraft server hosting service, you may be interested in changing your seed. The seed is the number that defines your world and sets it apart from the rest, and there are many you are able to choose from. If you do not know how to modify your world generation, this tutorial is a great way to learn how! This tutorial uses our game panel which is available for all our game hosting services, make sure to checkout best minecraft server hosting.

Log in to your game panel account, then, please locate your Minecraft server. Once you’re here, please click on “File Manager”

elixirnode game panel file manager

Once you have located the page and accessed it, please look for a file named “”. 

elixirnode game panel

Open the file, ElixirNode provides an in-panel editor that allows you to modify it on the website. It should show you something like this. 

elixirnode game panel

On this page, locate “level-seed”, this can be done by either looking for it on the document, or pressing CTRL+F to open up a search bar where you can search within the document.

elixirnode game panel ctrl f

Proceeding the equal sign (=) after “level-seed”, you can enter your desired seed, below is an example.

elixirnode game panel server seed level seed

Things to know:
– Your seed will not immediately be applied unless you dispose of your previous world by deleting the files and restarting your server.
– Please create a backup preceding any deletion actions.
– The seed is the basis of world generation, so depending on your seed, you may spawn near some rare structures!

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