Guaranteed Quality

we are confident you will not be let down

Immense Performance
We offer only the best hardware to power the games you love, lag is now a thing of the past!
Enterprise Security
When hosting with us, you do not have to put a single thought into security as we've got you covered.
Service Level Agreement
We are so confident in our services that we'll compensate you for any issues that occur on your server!

some snips of our control panel

We utilize only the best control panel softwares and customize every part!

On the left shows the some screenshots of the beautiful control panel you will be using to control your server! It includes so many features and darkmode available everywhere.


All of the locations that we provide..

Texas, US (NA)
Virginia, US (NA)
Canada (NA)
London, UK (EU)
Germany (EU)
Finland (EU)


some features included in all game hosts

Easy & Simple
Instantaneous Setup
Free MySQL Databases
DDoS Protection
Dedicated Support
Intuitive Control Panel
Full FTP Access
Unlimited Bandwidth


some common questions we get

What is game server hosting?
Game server hosting permits you to host a wide variety of games with ElixirNode, by using game server hosting over another option like VPS or Dedicated gives you multiple advantages. These advantages include using our stunning customized control panel, utilizing the best hardware possible for your specific game, having a fully managed server by experts so you are at peace as we ensure your server has no issues and always online 24/7, receiving freebies and much more!
Where do I go for help regarding my game server?
ElixirNode offers official support on multiple platforms, our two most dominant platforms are on-site helpdesk and discord. Should you need to contact us you can head to our support page and pick the platform you desire! You may also take a visit to our helpcenter from that same support page should you need to read some guides to get more familiar with the game host you've gone with. That's not it, you may also receive help from our wonderful community on discord, simply join our discord and let the community know your issue in our chat then someone will get to you right away!
I cannot find the game I need to host?
ElixirNode has been continuesly expanding to other games from originally hosting only Minecraft, but we are still at a very early stage therefore we only offer 2 game server hostings currently. But worry not! Have a game you'd like to host with us? You can always get a VPS from us! But also make sure to suggest that game to us so we can add game hosting for it in the future, do so by opening a support ticket.
Why choose ElixirNode game hosting?
Low Ping:
We strive to reduce our average ping by ensuring that our servers are kept in only the best data centers with high quality connections to the global internet. By constantly investing in modern hardware while maintaining it to the highest standard we ensure that you wont be unhappy with the pings you are receiving on any of the games that we offer.

The BEST Hardware:
We own and maintain all of our gaming dedicated servers with the aim to give our customers more for their money. We only use server components to enhance the performance of all our servers in order to optimise gaming and reduce downtime. None of our servers are overload in order to keep performance at its peak!

Instant Setup:
We have setups for each game we offer ready to replicate which have been pre-tested to ensure you get started as quickly as possible. As soon as you place and order and the payment has been confirmed our automated system will have you game server up within a few seconds. Which means you will be able to access your game within minutes of set-up and can play on your server 24/7.

DDoS Protection:
We include free DDoS protection on all of our servers in order to keep your games safe 24/7. We constantly work hard with our server team in order to keep all our servers in check and free from outside attack.

ElixirNode is one, if not the only host to provide so much value for your money as we always strive to provide freebies to you! Freebies includes things like free web hosting, free dedicated ips, free premium plugins, free fastDL and so much more!

Still have questions?