How to edit name of default Minecraft server world

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Did you ever encounter the issue of having to create a new world without having to use a world management plugin or load a pre-existing world on your Minecraft server hosting? Perhaps you wanted to have the default world be another world folder! In this tutorial, you learn how to edit the name of the default Minecraft server world in order to do so.

(navigating to the File Management tab & selecting the file)
After logging in on the game panel, you will have to navigate to the File Management tab situated on the left:

image of the highlighted file management tab

(editing the file)
On line 37, you can see a parameter called “level-name” which stands for your Minecraft world folder name, which is set by default to “world” as you can see in the image shown down below:

image of changed level-name parameter

(restarting your server & letting your new world generate/load)
After applying your changes made in the file, you’ll have to restart your server and your new world will be now created & loaded on your server!

– You can load any pre-existing world that’s currently uploaded to your server by changing the name of the “level-name:” parameter under to have a custom world set.
– You can change back at any time to previous worlds as long as you don’t delete the world folders!
– Make sure to ALWAYS restart your server after making changes in the file so the changes you have made actually take place!
– Also, if you ever need to reset your Minecraft world without creating a new one, make sure to check our article on this!

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