How to reset your Minecraft server world

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This article will simply show you how to delete your Minecraft server host world(s) and change your cheap Minecraft server hosting seeds.

Login to the game panel and head to “File Management“, ensure that your Minecraft server host is OFFLINE.

Select the cheap Minecraft server hosting world(s) you’d like to delete, in my case it is just one. Then click on “Mass Actions” then “Delete Files” our game panel should delete it almost instantly!

At this point, our worlds our deleted so before starting the start to re-generate them, we will change your seed. Simply go to “” and scroll down to “level-seed” and input the seed you desire for your cheap Minecraft server hosting.

That’s as easy as it gets. Start up your Minecraft server hosting and you should be all good to go.

– Minecraft seeds can be very nice to play around with, you can google some seeds to check out there’s a bunch such as meteor seeds!
– If you’d like to reset your entire server, you can do the same method we used above by simply selecting all your files. You may also use the server version page to reset it with less clicks by following the tutorial here.
– Seeds are one of the easiest and best ways to generate amazing sort of pre-installed worlds, make sure to play around with them!

If you have any further questions or need any help, contact us.

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