How to setup /vote on your Minecraft server [2021]

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Getting your players to /vote on server lists is a great way to get more players for your Minecraft server rental! Learn how to setup /vote on your through this article. With Votifier, you can reward your players when they vote for your server.

How does it work? 
NuVotifier is a plugin that allows your server to be notified when a user voted on a Minecraft server top list. SuperbVote will then listen to the notifications that NuVotifier gets and reward the voter.

Login to your Minecraft control panel and go to Files > FTP File Access and login with your control panel password.
Install the following plugins on your server and restart the server: 
If you don’t know how to install a plugin, read this article.

Go back to your files and go to plugins > Votifier > config.yml. Change the port to a number from 1-9999. The port can’t be used by something else. For example, if your Dynmap is running on the port 8872, you can’t set the port in the Votifier config to 8872. If you own a dedicated IP, you can use the default port.

Next, go back to the plugins folder and go to SuperbVote > config.yml.
Edit the config to match your wishes. 

Next, scroll down to the vote-command section and enable the vote command. Save the file and restart your server.

Now it’s time for testing! Go to and enter your IP, Votifier port (not your server port!). To get your Public key go to your files and enter the plugins folder. Next, go to Votifier > rsa > public.key and copy the value. Enter it on the website and click “Send test vote”.
You should see a similar message appear in your console.

If you still need help contact us here.

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