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This article is a sister of the Top 25 Best Minecraft Server Premium Plugins article! Make sure to check it out if you are looking for the best premium plugins.
Running a Minecraft hosting server is no easy feat; there is a lot of stuff the owner has to take care of in the background to present the best possible version of the server to his/her player base. Having a great server that has no flaws whatsoever is tedious and requires something more! We have compiled a list of top 25 free Minecraft server free plugins for your Minecraft server to help you out. This will be super helpful when choosing plugins without the money to shell out especially after purchasing Minecraft server hosting package already.

This something more is plugins. Plugins make managing the server easy, taking the workload off the server owner. Plugins help run the server smoothly and add additional content to the game, customize existing content, and organize all of this under one roof.

There isn’t a single server out there that can generally function without some plugin helping it; the Minecraft game is community driven hence most of the popular servers aren’t even in the hands of Mojang.

Like every good thing, plugins also come at a price, most of the plugins out there will be premium, and it’s OK. However, as passionate Minecraft players create all these plugins, our job is to pay them their dues because they also have a nelly fill. But this doesn’t have to be this way; there are tons of free plugins out there. And some of them even outperform premium ones.

So we compiled a list of Top 25 best Minecraft plugins that you install today for your best Minecraft server hosting without having to spend a penny. All of the plugins on this list are FREE and run as smooth as a knife runs through butter.

So if you run a server, go through this list, you’ll find plugins that will enhance the experience of your player base drastically!

Top 25 Free Minecraft Plugins! Let’s get started…

25. Multiverse Core

Multiverse core is a must-have for any server owner. It makes traversing from one world to another or one location to another really-really easy. Almost every multiplayer server uses this plugin, and it has a broad player base. Due to which even minor bugs are fixed pretty quickly. The plugin is pretty straightforward, and any player can install and start using it!

Some of the notable Features –

  • Restrict users from going to specific worlds by using permissions
  • Economy support
  • Show which users are in what worlds with /mv who
  • Color your worlds when they appear in chat!

24. ViaVersion

Via Version allows players from different versions of the game to join your server. It has been used many times, especially in PvP servers. The latest version of the plugin supports versions from 1.8.9 to the newest version of Minecraft, which is 1.16+. The GUI is user-friendly, and you can get it for free.

Some notable commands –

  • /viaver list – Show what players are on what versions
  • /viaver autoteam – Toggle collision auto teaming, you may need to disable if you are getting bungee team issues.
  • /viaver dontbugme – Toggle the update notifier
  • /viaver pps – Show the packets per seconds for ported players.

23. Vote Party

Vote Party is a community-driven plugin that encourages all the players online to get involved. It does so by rewarding all the players with customizable rewards when the vote count reaches a certain level. This is an excellent way of keeping the players engaged so that they keep coming back and not get bored because, in the end, Minecraft becomes more fun when you play with others!

Some key commands –

  • /vp add – adds a vote
  • /vp remove – removes a vote
  • /vp list – show current votes / needed votes
  • /vp reload – reloads the config

22. Prison 3

Prison 3 is a great plugin that is better than almost every other prison plugin out there, and it is free as well. Even after being free to download, the plugin is well maintained and runs smoothly. It has two modules, viz – Mines and Ranks. These modules work phenomenally well and let the owner make edits. It is a no-brainer to have this on your prison server.

21. CustomDropsEditor

The name speaks for itself. CustomDropseditor allows the server owner to customize drops from mobs and blocks. It is an essential resource, especially for PvP servers.

And that’s not it; the plugin lets you do all sorts of crazy things like fancy color explosions and different world settings. Just add this to your server; your players won’t be disappointed.

20. PRORPG items

PRORG is one of the most powerful RPG plugins out there right now. It has over 25+ item stats, custom damage and defense types, gems runes, and much more. The entire RPG package is what you get when you use PRORPG on your server. The plugin is under new development and is free of cost, so make sure to give it a try. However, if you’re running an RPG server and haven’t tried this one yet, you’re missing many good features.

Key Features –

  • Easily create custom items, items with skills attached, tiered random items generator, and more.
  • You can set up item restrictions for level and class requirements for items using supported plugins. (proskillapi, mcmmo, etc)
  • Create unlimited custom damage and defense types, like chaos, water, earth, etc.
  • Create custom arrows with different stats and custom ammo types for bows.

19. MythicMobs

Mythic Mobs is an extremely powerful tool that allows you, the server moderator, to add new mobs, bosses and even change their stats and behavior. You can even create your custom mobs and give them attributes as per your liking. It is a one-stop solution to all your mob-related issues.

Key features –

  • Mob Attributes: Modifying all mob attributes such as health, damage, speed, follow and combat range, as well as all mob-specific attributes and custom ones exclusive to MythicMobs.
  • Custom Skills: Give mobs custom skills using a powerful scripting system with billions of possible skill combinations and options and using targeters, conditions, triggers, and more.
  • Special Effects: Allowing mobs to use special effects including sounds, particles, and advanced special effects you never thought were possible in Minecraft until now.
  • Items and Drops: Modify loot and equipment in any way possible with our powerful item building system, including using highly-customizable drop tables for mob drops.

18. BattleDrones

Battledrones has to be the coolest plugin on this list; it adds killer drones to the game. Though it has only been out for a short period, the developer has optimized it very well. There are many varieties of drones to choose from which follow you and help you out in battle or just kill neutral mobs. The mechanics are very similar to summon creatures in the terraria game; these drones will help you fight as well while looking cool and menacing at the same time.

Some notable commands –

/battledrones help

/battledrones shop

/battledrones menu

/battledrones drone

/battledrones activate <droneType>

/battledrones deactivate

/battledrones park

/battledrones move

17. UltimateStacker

Ultimate stacker is a simple to use and straightforward plugin; it takes care of all your stacking needs, from stacking mobs to stacking spawners, anything you like. The plugin has been the first choice for moderators for years now. The community surrounding it is excellent as well; hence when you find yourself in trouble, you can get help immediately.

16. DiscordSRV

Discord SRV undoubtedly is the best Minecraft to Discord bridging plugin out there. The plugin allows players to chat in-game, chat on discord, and chat with people on the discord server from the game itself. This is an instrumental piece of software that will bridge the gap between two different applications. This helps out in many situations, especially when some f the players on the server are not using discord.

Notable commands –


All of DiscordSRV’s commands can be exposed from /discord.

15. LuckPerms

Luck perms is a must-have for server moderators. It restricts the players from accessing certain features that are not intended to be a part of the server or allows permissions to certain players. This tool becomes useful when players try to act out of line. The plugin simply makes the job of the server moderator a lot easier while being easy to use. If you’re running an RPG server, this plugin will come in handy.

Link to the commands wiki here

14. AntiBot

AntiBot will protect your server from those pesky bot attacks which have become a common theme nowadays. Many anti bot plugins claim to eliminate this issue, but not all of them work. AntiBot is one of the best in this area, and it handles bot attacks pretty well. Therefore, the creator has decided to keep the plugin free so that even the remote servers are safe from these nasty bot attacks!

Key Features –

• Whitelist module adds real players to a list to make them bypass AntiBot checks and improve performance.

• Blacklist module adds bots to a list to block them constantly and improve performance.

• Accounts module checks if players have too many different nicknames in a period of time.

• FastChat module checks if players chat too fast after joining.

13. BeautyQuest

Beauty Quest is your one-stop solution for all your quest creation needs. It has an excellent GUI, which encourages the player not to use the chat. The GUI is designed after the Minecraft GUI so that the plugin doesn’t feel out of place in the game. Creating quests with BeautyQuets is as simple as cutting butter with a hot knife!

Key features –

  • A lot of stage types: kill mobs, talk to an NPC, bring back items to an NPC, find a region (World Guard), mine/place blocks, talk in chat, interact with blocks, craft items, find a location, fill buckets, fish items, play a set amount of time…
  • Dialogs with NPCs (the player can talk too).
  • Multiple rewards: Items, experience, permissions, money (Vault), teleportation, and much more.
  • Particles above NPCs when necessary (configurable).

12. EasyBackup

Easy Backup is the ultimate server backup tool; you can Backup your server at any time or set timers for the backups. In addition, the entire server gets saved into a small .zip file which takes up 32% less space than the original server file. Due to these fantastic features of EasyBackup, it has been the go-to plugin for many Minecraft server moderators since the start.

Some notable commands –

  • /backup create – Creates a backup
  • /backup cancel – Cancels a backup creation that is in progress. (The file that was being made will remain until you do something with it.)
  • /backup info – This gives you information about how many backups are saved and the setting in the config. It will also tell you if a backup is in progress.
  • /backup autoBackup <true/false> – This will allow you to set whether or not the plugin will automatically make backups.

11. Vouchers

Vouchers allow the server moderator to create custom vouchers using a piece of paper or any other item of their choice. These vouchers can give customizable rewards set to the player. Giving vouchers to players will keep them engaged and motivate them to participate in more community-driven activities, increasing their playtime on your server.

Notable commands –

  • /vhelp ~ Get help with VouchersX and voucher types.
  • /vlist OR /vlist all ~ Lists all voucher types a player has permission to use or all voucher types.
  • /vcheck OR /vcheck [player] ~ Lists a player’s vouchers.
  • /vgive [player] [type] [amount] ~ Allows players to give each other vouchers.
  • /vmodify [player] [type] [amount] ~ Allows an admin to modify a player’s voucher amounts.
  • /vsp ~ Toggles SuperPick mode.

10. LibsDisguises

LibsDisguises is a fun plugin; it lets the user disguise any entity as a different entity. Not only this, you can even add custom effects and animations to the disguises. Unfortunately, though the plugin is excellent, some great features like hiding and seek are being kept behind the paywall. Still, most of the functionality is available in the free version.

Notable commands –

/disguise player libraryaddict

/disguise falling_block

/disguise @libraryaddict

/disguise cow adult

9. IridiumSkyBlock

Following up on the bedwars minigame, we have yet another plugin that adds a great minigame to your server. Just like bedwars, skyblock also has been at the forefront of the minigame scene.

IridiumSkyBlock is one of the best skyblocks plugins out there, and that too for free. Not even paid plugins come close to the level of sophistication this plugin has in it!

8. DeluxeHub

DeluxeHub is the amalgamation of all your hub server needs; it has all the features you’d ever need to make your life easier as a moderator. It is fully customizable and allows you to add various hu essentials such as scoreboards and tablists. In addition, the devs have kept the plugin free for download, sill it manages to beat the premium plugins in this space!

Notable Commands –

  • /gamemode
  • /lockchat
  • /clearchat
  • /fly
  • /setlobby
  • /lobby
  • /vanish

7. SkyWarsReloaded

SkywarsReloaded will take care of all your skywars related needs; it has a fantastic community surrounding it who are ready to help at any time. The plugin is regarded as one of the best skyward plugins ever made;. However, the original version was discontinued; this newer version is better and fixed many bugs that plagued the original.

Key Features –

  • Added tab complete for commands.
  • Added team chats. Use a ! in front of the message to talk globally.
  • Added join and leave messages on game join.
  • Added a new scoreboard system for less lag, more efficiency, and PAPI support.
  • Added a waiting lobby to team games!

6. Elite Kits

Creating and displaying your server kits can’t get any easier than this; Elite Kits makes sure the player has a great time using it, hence the GUI. The players can seamlessly view all the kits and even use crate keys on them. If you’re running an RPG server, this plugin is a must, and besides that, the developers are giving away the plugin for free!

5. ScreamingBedWars

Bedwars has been at the top of the minigames hierarchy for a while now, and ScreamingBedWars will help you bring this game to your server. Almost everything is customizable in this plugging. You can even switch the minigame from bedwars to anchor wars or cake wars. The possibilities are endless, and it is available for free of cost!

Notable Features –

  • All the basics of BedWars game (Beds, Teams and so on)
  • Shop that supports multi-shop per arena!
  • BungeeCord
  • Vault rewards
  • Spectator mode

4. Survival Games

Love hunger games? The survival games plugin will add everything related to that minigame. The plugin was created so that every server, no matter its size, can have the hunger games minigame on it. Simply put, it lets the players have a fully automated hunger games match without having to pay a single penny!

Key features –

  • Full Automation
  • Automatic Arena Reset
  • Does not use Redstone! – Create your own maps!
  • Automatic Chest Reset
  • Auto game start with voting & more.
  • Spectators

3. PaintBallBattle

Play paintball with your friends in Minecraft with PaintBallBattle. It allows the players to enjoy a fully automated battle of paintball. In the min-game, 2 teams face off against each other, each trying to kill as many of the rival team players as possible. Though no paintball guns are added, the plugin very smartly utilizes the Minecraft snowballs as paintball. It is a fun plugin and can be downloaded for free!

The plugin has Fully Configurable

  • Arena Cooldowns, Time and Team Live.
  • Teams Customization (Name, Color, Item).
  • Inventories Customization.
  • Sounds.
  • Winners Command Rewards.
  • All Messages.

2. Minetopia Vehicles

Minetopia Vehicles is a fully customizable vehicle mod that adds multiple different vehicles to the game. These vehicles can be customized to suit the server moderators’ liking. You can even add your own custom cars to the game and have attributes that you like for the vehicle. The developer’s support for the plugin is excellent as well.

Notable commands –

  • /vehicle info – informatie
  • /vehicle help – help command
  • /vehicle addrider – add someone (driver) to the car
  • /vehicle addmember – add someone to the car
  • /vehicle removerider – remove someone (driver) from the car
  • /vehicle removemember – remove someone from the car
  • /vehicle edit – an advanced menu to customize vehicles

1. EssentialsX

The name speaks for itself; EssentialsX is an essential plugin that every Minecraft server should have. It has over 130 commands which can take care of almost anything in the game. The plugin takes over the role of the server moderator himself and lets you relax as it odes all the work. If you’re running your server without EssentialsX, you’re missing out on a lot of good stuff that the plugin adds to your server. With over 3 million downloads, this plugin is the undisputed king in the free category!

Notable commands –

/bigtree <tree|redwood>

/enchant [enchantment name] [level]

/gamemode [player

/feed [player]


In this ever changing world, Minecraft as a game also keeps changing, so it is important that you as a server moderator provide the player with a great Minecraft experience. This list of plugins if used smartly will make your Minecraft hosting server one of the best; and the players would keep coming back, which is the biggest accomplishment for a server owner!

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