Top 25 Best Minecraft Server Premium Plugins

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This article is a sister of the Top 25 Best Minecraft Server Free Plugins article! Make sure to check it out if you are looking for the best free plugins.

If you want to host a Minecraft server, you have probably heard of Spigot. Spigot is one, if not the most popular Minecraft Java server engine out there. The Spigot Website alone features tens of thousands of amazing plugins to spice up your Minecraft server experience. Out of these, many plugins are premium, meaning they are paid. These plugins are usually better in quality and recieve more updates compared to their free counterparts.

We have compiled a list of the Top 25 Premium Plugins to make sure you spend your money wisely to get the most out of your Minecraft server.

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25. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a Minecraft plugin allowing you and your friends to play the popular Minigame Hide and Seek, in which players are given a set amount of time to hide, while one other player (the seeker) has to try and find them. If you want to setup a Hide and Seek mini game on your server, or you want to play Hide and Seek with your friends, this is the best way to do so! You can even disguise as blocks or mobs!

This plugin allows you to customize every aspect of the game, from arenas to coins, to spectating, to powerups, and even ranks! Everything you need to setup a fun and enjoyable public/private Hide and Seek minigame is all included!

Some useful commands included in the plugin:

/has – main command
/has List – Display a list of arenas with their stats
/has Join – Teleports the player to a game
/has Autojoin – Joins the best available arena
/has Leave – Removes the player from a game
/has Stats – Shows the player stats
/has Lobby – teleports the player to the global lobby
/has Info – Shows the plugin information
/has Admin – Shows a list of admin commands
/has Create – Creates a new arena
/has Delete – Deletes an existing arena
/has Edit – Modify an arena settings
/has Check – Checks arena settings
/has Start – Force start an arena
/has Stop – Force stop an arena
/has Coins – Modify a player coins
/has Exp – Modify a player exp
/has Powerup – Add a powerup spawner

Commands In-Game

24. PlotSquared

Chances are, if you’ve ever logged into a Minecraft Creative server, you’ve been in contact with PlotSquared. PlotSquared is a plugin that allows you to create plots, which are small squares of space which certain allowed players can build and mine in. PlotSquared allows you to do this, and more in an easy to setup and fun to customize plugin.

Unlike other free alternatives, PlotSquared features a multitude of AntiLag features to keep your server running smoothly. It also features quick and fun updates regularly, and has good customer support.

Some useful commands include:

/plot claim – Claims the plot you are standing in
/plot auto – Claim a random available plot
/plot delete – Remove and Delete the plot you are standing in
/plot trust – Allow another player access to build and mine in the plot you are standing in
/plot setowner – Grant another player full ownership of the plot you’re standing in
/plot visit – Visit another user’s plot
/plot sethome – Set the spawnpoint of the plot you are standing in
/plot kick – Kick a user from the plot you are standing in
/plot middle – Teleport to the middle of the plot you are standing in
/plot deny – Deny a user from stepping into the plot you are standing in
/plot merge – Merge two plots that are next to each other to create one big plot
/plot chat – Speak in the chat where only people standing in the plot you are standing in can speak
/plot unlink – Unmerge two (or more) plots
/plot comment – Send a comment about the plot you are standing in currently
/plot inbox – Read all the comments about the plot you are standing in

Per-plot weather
Survival Plots
Plot Generation

23. SkyWars X

SkyWars X is a tremendously useful plugin for anyone looking for a simple and easy, but hugely customizable skywars plugin.

Skywars is a popular mini game in which 2-3+ people are spawned on an island with items, armour and weapons, and the last one standing wins. Skywars can also be played in teams of 2.

Skywars X features many features ranging from custom arenas, to spectating on death, and even a warning system for when a player does something wrong or cheats! You can even create fun Mystery Boxes. Everything is organized in a simple GUI to reduce the amount of time it takes to setup the plugin!

Some commands include:

/skywars join – Join a skywars game
/skywars leave – Leave a skywars game you are currently in
/skywars autojoin – Join a random game
/skywars list – List all active games
/skywars create – Create/start a game manually
/skywars start – Start a game of skywars when in a lobby
/skywars coins – Use coins to buy cosmetics and other items
/skywars worldmanager – Manage skywars maps
/skywars edit – Edit a map/game
/skywars setspectators – Add or remove spectators from a game

Join a skywars game using signs
Hologram Stats
Skywars Kits and Shops

22. JetsMinions

JetsMinions is a customizable and robust plugin that allows you to create small minions that can do tasks that a player can, such as mining ores, chopping down trees, and farming. These minions are usually used in Skyblock servers, but they can also be used in Survival servers and whatever else you want!

JetsMinions features a ton of features that sets it apart from the competition, such as over 20+ minion skins, plus the ability to add your own custom ones! It also features tons of animations to bring your minions to life, upgradable minion features, like a bigger inventory and faster speeds, minion food to keep them powered, and tons more!

JetsMinions also includes many GUIs for configuration and using the minions.

Some useful commands include:

/minions – The default command/GUI for the plugin, which gives access to all other features
/minions give – Give a player a minion
/minions list – List the minions a specified player owns
/minions remove – Remove a specific minion in a location
/minions store – Open and modify a store
/minions storeother – Open the store for another player

Due to the amount of GUIs included in this plugin, there aren’t many useful commands besides /minions .

A Mining Minion
A Cow Farmer Minion
A Miner Minion
One of the GUIs included
Minion Skins
Minion Shop


ProCosmetics is a must-have plugin for any public server. ProCosmetics allows you to create, sell and show-off different player cosmetics. These cosmetics can range from gadgets, to emotes, to even death effects. Cosmetics can increase server activity and store purchases, making this a worthwhile investment to any server wanting to make a profit.

There are over 280+ cosmetics included in the plugin, with more coming out! It’s updated for 1.16, but works on versions as old as 1.8!

Some useful commands include:

/procosmetics open – Open a menu
/procosmetics equip – Equip a cosmetic
/procosmetics unequip – Remove a cosmetic
/procosmetics unequipall – Remove all cosmetics on you
/procosmetics give coins – Give a coin amount to a player
/procosmetics give cosmetic – Give a cosmetic to a player
/procosmetics give treasure – Give a player a treasure
/procosmetics give ammo – Give a player ammo for a gadget
/procosmetics giveall – Give an item, coin amount, or cosmetic to every online player
/procosmetics treasurechest add – Create a treasure chest
/procosmetics treasurechest delete – Remove a treasure chest

An explosion death effect
A heart eyes emote
A rocket ship gadget
A pet cosmetic
A witch morph
A wing cosmetic

20. QuantumRPG

QuantumRPG is one of, if not the best RPG plugin out there. According to the plugin developer, you can customize 90%+ of the plugin. This includes messages, multipliers, item options, effects, and more!

You can create an awesome RPG using this plugin, with features including bow ammos (snowballs, eggs, wither heads, etc.), boosted item stats and custom enchantments, permanent potion effects, in-game profiles, classes and levelling, skills, mob drops, bases and item protection, item hints, parties, repairs and tons more! If you want to setup a fun and engaging Survival server with a twist, this plugin is a must-have.

Some useful commands featured in this plugin:

This plugin doesn’t include many commands as most things are used and customized in GUIs and configuration files.
/quantumrpg buff – Add a buff to a player
/quantumrpg set – Edit an item you are holding in your hand to add enchantments, boosts and more
/quantumrpg modify – Change an item you are holding’s name, description, and colours
/quantumrpg reload – Reload the plugin’s configuration

19. Party and Friends Extended

Party and Friends is another must-have plugin for any mini-game servers. Party and Friends allows players to create parties, which are like small groups of invited players where you can talk and play games together with. The plugin also allows players to add and remove friends in game, to keep track of who’s online, and even to message them.

This plugin is useful if you want players to be able to play with their friends, attracting more attention to your server. You can set this plugin up with other plugins such as Skywars X to allow players to play together in teams.

This plugin supports every popular version from 1.8 up to 1.16 currently. It gets constant updates with new features, and also supports different Extentions that give more features to the plugin.

Some commands this plugin includes:

Friend Commands:

/friend add – Add a friend
/friend msg – Message a friend
/friend list – List all of your friends
/friend accept – Accept a friend request
/friend deny – Deny a friend request
/friend remove – Remove a friend
/friend jump – Teleport to a friend

Party Commands:

/party invite – Invite someone to a party
/party join – Join a party
/party list – List all players in a party
/party chat – Switch to party chat where only people in your party can see you speak
/party leave – Leave a party
/party kick – Kick a player from the party
/party leader – Promote a member in your party to leader, demoting you in the process

18. Prison Mines

Prison Mines is a simple, but customizable Prison Mine management plugin. Prison is a fun gamemode in which players are spawned in a mine, and have to mine enough blocks and ore to level up to the next mine, where they have to mine more blocks.

Prison Mines allows you to create a fully functional prison mine system and customize it to your liking. You can create and manage your mines in an easy to use GUI, where you can reset the mine, manage potion effects, manage the blocks that spawn in the mine, teleport to the mine, place signs and holograms in the mine, and more!

Some commands include:

/Mine Create – Create a mine
/Mine Remove – Remove a mine
/Mine Panel – View the control panel of a mine
/Mine List – View all mines in a GUI
/Mine SetRegion – Set the region of a mine to your
WorldEdit selection
/Mine SetTP – Set the mine teleport point to your current
location (where players get teleported to during a reset)
/Mine Teleport – Teleport to a mine
/Mine Reset – Reset a mine or every mine
/Mine Info – Shows you the list of mine(s) you’re inside
/Mine Reload – Reload the configs
/Mine AddBlock – Add a block to a
mine without the GUI
/Mine RemoveBlock – Remove a block from a
mine without the GUI
/Mine SetResetInterval – Set the reset interval
in seconds of a mine
/Mine SetResetPercentage – Set the blocks
left % to reset at
/Mine RemoveHologram – Remove the nearest hologram to you

Hologram Statistics
Plugin GUI
Another example of the GUI
Another example of the GUI
Placing a sign with statistics on it

17. AntiBot

AntiBot is a plugin that keeps your server safe from bot attacks. Using this plugin you are able to make users answer a captcha either in-game or online for the most security. The plugin will also check different conditions such as if the user is using a VPN.

This plugin will be able to protect your server against many types of bot attacks, and it’s updated whenever any new bot attacks are made and publicized.

AntiBot also works with Bungeecord, allowing you to put this plugin on your bungeecord proxy server.

AntiBot takes up little to no system resources, meaning it won’t make an impact in your server to add it.

Some commands include:

/antibotdeluxe – Shows the help page

/abd toggle – Notification toggle

/abd reload – Reloads the config

/abd stats – Shows statistics

/abd whitelist add (Player) – Adds to whitelist

/abd whitelist remove(Player) – Removes from the whitelist

/abd blacklist add (Player/IP) – Adds to blacklist

/abd blacklist remove (Player/IP) – Removes from the blacklist

Captcha Example
Anti Bot Deluxe


EasyBackup is another must-have plugin for any server, whether it be a Survival server, Minigame server, or even a private server with you and your friends. EasyBackup automatically backs up all your server files, from plugins to player data to world data, and everything in between!

With EasyBackup, you’re protected from anything that could ever go wrong, from staff members going rouge, to griefers and hackers, and even if someone loses an item to a glitch. You can program EasyBackup to take backups every few minutes, to hours, days, and even months. You can have multiple backups at once, and each can backup something different. You can keep, for example, a monthly plugin backup, along with a daily world backup.

You can auto-upload backups to Google Drive, FTP and SFTP; and Dropbox.

Some useful commands include:

/easybackup – Shows the help page
/easybackup create – creates a backup
/easybackup cancel – cancels a backup in progress
/easybackup upload – upload the latest backup to all enabled upload types
/easybackup disk – get disk information regarding file count and server size
/easybackup clean – delete old logs and playerdata
/easybackup reload – reload the config
/easybackup restore – Restore a backup
/easybackup cancel – Cancels a backup in progress
/easybackup create (custom name) – Create a backup with a custom name

Help Command In-Game
Restoring a Backup
Disk Usage Command
Restore Help

15. Boss

Boss is a plugin with a simple goal, allowing a player with no coding experience to create custom mobs in your Minecraft server that can do almost whatever you want them to. Boss features a simple and easy to use GUI where you can configure anything in the plugin. No need to sort through config files, reload the plugin, find confusing item ids, etc.

Using Boss, you can create arenas where players can fight against your monsters. You can design and make your monsters to your hearts content. Boss is a must-have for any RPG servers, or Survival server owners looking to spice up their server.

Some useful commands

/boss new – Create a new boss
/boss find – Locate (and teleport to) spawned Bosses on your server
/boss egg – Get a boss spawn egg
/boss spawn – Spawn a boss manually
/boss butcher – Kill all bosses you specify
/boss remove – Delete a boss completely
/boss tools – Open a GUI with some useful Boss tools
/boss list – List all commands in-game
/boss region – Create, modify and delete spawn regions in which specified bosses spawn in
/boss region view – Render the region in-game visually with blocks
/boss region list – List all regions in the world

Settings GUI
Spawn Regions
Customizing Skills
Customizing Drops

14. VoteParty

In order to begin with VoteParty you need to ensure your server has already setup voting system. VoteParty is a simple plugin that allows you to reward players on your server with rewards for upvoting your server on server lists. The reward and threshold are both highly customizable. This plugin increases your votes on server lists, meaning you get more players.

You can also create crates which are like slot machines but they can only be opened if the user has a key. You can create different level crates, with better items each level.

Some useful commands:

/vp – Shows how many votes needed for a Vote Party
/vp help – Helpful commands for VoteParty
/vp claim – Claim offline voting rewards

/vp addvote – Add votes to the current vote tally
/vp givecrate – Supply a player with a vote crate
/vp checkvotes – Check the amount of votes a player has
/vp totalvotes – Get the total amount of votes a player has
/vp resetvotes – Reset the number of votes a player has
/vp setcounter – Set the current vote counter
/vp startparty – Force launch a Vote Party
/vp giveparty – Host a private Vote Party for a player

13. AdvancedEnchantments

AdvancedEnchantments is an essential plugin for any RPG-based gamemode. AdvancedEnchantments allows you to create Advancedizable enchantments that go far beyond vanilla Minecraft enchantments. You can create an enchantment that gives a potion effect, increases the longevity of a tool, and more! You can create the enchantments using config files, the in-game GUI, or you can even use the AdvancedEnchantments website to create them!

You can also create kits that come built in with enchantsments!

There are 200+ built in example enchantments that you can use and modify yourself! The plugin integrates directly with the enchantment table, giving enchantments from there.

Some useful commands:

/enchanter – Open Enchanter
/tinkerer – Open Tinkerer
/ae – Main plugin command
/ae about – Information about current build
/ae list – List all custom enchantments
/ae admin – Open a menu with all possible enchantments
/ae giveitem – Give various plugin items
/ae give – Give custom enchanted book
/ae info – Information about custom enchantment
/ae reload – Reload all configurations
/ae enchant – Enchant held item
/ae greset – Reset Kit for a player
/ae givebook – Give book with specific rates
/ae pasteenchants – Paste a formatted list of enchants

Random Enchantment GUI
Help Menu
Admin GUI
Custom Enchanted Diamond Sword

12. Vouchers

Vouchers is a simple plugin that allows you to give players items that have commands attached to them. These commands could be anything, but an example is you can use this to give players money, rankups, in-game store coupons, and more!

Vouchers is a simple, but greatly useful addition to any public server!

Some useful commands include:

/voucher help – Lists all voucher commands.
/voucher list/types – Lists all available types of vouchers and codes.
/voucher reload – Reloads all voucher files.
/voucher give – Gives a player a voucher.
/voucher giveall – Gives all players a voucher.
/voucher redeem – Allows the player to redeem a voucher code.
/voucher open – Opens a GUI so you can get vouchers easily.

Help Command
Voucher GUI

11. Survival Games

Survival Games is a fun addition to any mini game server. It allows you to add the gamemode survival games to your server. SurvivalGames is a fun gamemode in which a group of players must fight till there’s one person or one team standing. There is loot spread across the map which players can use to gain advantages over other players.

SurvivalGames automates most, if not all of the complicated parts of setting up a fun and enjoyable SurvivalGames server. You can auto-generate loot, create arenas, create kits, and tons more!

Some useful commands include:

/sg List
/sg Join
/sg Leave
/sg Stats
/sg Autojoin
/sg Coins
/sg Lobby
/sg Admin
/sg Create
/sg Delete
/sg Enable
/sg Disable
/sg Start
/sg Stop
/sg Addspawn
/sg Removespawn
/sg Setborder
/sg Removeborder
/sg Adddeathmatch
/sg Removedeathmatch

Loot Drops
Game Starts

10. Miniature Pets

Miniature Pets is an awesome plugin to spice up any Survival and RPG server experience. It nicely integrates with most plugins on this list, including QuantumRPG. You can use MiniaturePets to create your own custom designed ones, or you can use the built in ones (which if I might say are absolutely stunning). You can also download custom pets created by members of the community. You can also ride your pet and even wear your pet as a hat! All of these features could be an amazing way to create some incentive for players on your server and it could be an awesome server shop addition.

MiniaturePets comes with many useful features for Server Owners, including an extensive API to customize MiniaturePets and maybe even implement features into plugins to work together with MiniaturePets.

Some useful commands included in MiniaturePets:

/mpet – Main plugin command
/mpet ride – Ride your pet
/mpet hat – Makes your pet like a helmet
/mpet call – Summon your pet
/mpet sit – Prevents pet from following you, toggle-able
/mpet disguise – Disguises you as your pet
/mpet remove – Removes current pet
/mpet setname – Allows changing your pet name
/mpet help – Sends help menu
/mpet reload – Reloads the plugin
/mpet clear – Clears all of the pets in the world
/mpet clearall = Clears all of the pets in the server
/mpet dump – Exports server information
/mpet download [id] – Download pets from the website

BB-8 Pet
Pug Pet
Panda Pet
A human pet

9. ProCrate

ProCreate is another must-have plugin for any server, no matter the gamemode. ProCrate allows you to create loot crates which can only be opened with a key. The lootcrates would be like a slot machine, in which you get a random item out of a selection of items. You can create different ranks of loot crates, each requiring a different key to open. Each loot crate’s key can be sold (for real money and in-game tokens) or given away to players. Crates are an easy way to incentivise players to spend more time on the server, and it’s a great item to sell.

Some useful commands:

/cr info – Shows info about a crate
/cr preview – Shows what rewards are available in a crate
/cr claim – Claim missed rewards
/cr buy – Purchase some crate keys
/cr list – List all the crates
/cr give to – Give a player a certain amount of crate keys
/cr give all – Give all players a certain amount of crate keys
/cr set – Turn a block into a crate
/cr remove – Remove a block-crate
/cr reload – Reload the config files

CS-GO Type Crates
Roulette Type Crates
Instant Crates
Preview Crates
Crate Particles

8. CMI

CMI is a useful plugin to replace plugins such as Essentials X and MainMC. CMI is a plugin that features tons of useful commands to make your life and players lives easier. It includes everything from economy plugins like /pay, /sell and /balance to automatic symmetrical building, an armour stand editor, custom advancement messages, custom tab lists, banning and muting features, backpacks, freeze players for moderation, speeding up night time, and tons more! You can even import your Essentials X data for a seamless setup!

Some of the useful commands included:

/afk – Go AFK
/back – Teleport to your previous location
/balance – Check your money balance
/bossbarmsg – Create a message at the top that uses boss bars to display
/ender – Check someones ender chest
/gamerule – Manage game rules in an easy GUI
/glow – Make a player glow
/hologram – Create holograms
/armorstand – Create custom armour stands
/mirror – Build symmetrical shapes automatically
/toast – Create an advancement message
/ban – Ban a player from the server
/ipban – Ban an IP from connecting to your server

It’s impossible to list all 280+ commands included in this plugin, so make sure to check all of them out here!

Automatic Sell Machine
Custom Portals
Symmetrical/Mirror Building
Custom Armour Stands
Custom Recipes

7. Vehicles

Vehicles is probably one of the coolest plugins out there. It allows you to create, sell, and buy custom vehicles that do not require texture packs or similar to view. All you need to get started is the plugin! There are many vehicles included, but some examples are planes, trains, submarines, hoverbikes, drills, racing cars, and more! This plugin will not fail to amaze you or your playerbase once you install it. You can also make your vehicles require fuel to use!

Some useful commands:

/bikeShop – Opens the bikes shop.
/giveBike – Gives a bike to a player
/bikeList – List all the bike types.
/getBike – Get a bike
/carShop – Opens the cars shop.
/giveCar – Gives a car to a player
/carList – List all the car types.
/getCar – Get a car
/trainShop – Opens the trains shop.
/giveTrain- Gives a train to a player
/trainList – List all the train types.
/getTrain – Get a train
/raftShop – Opens the raftshop.
/giveRaft- Gives a raft to a player
/raftList – List all the raft types.
/getRaft – Get a raft
/planeShop – Opens the plane shop.
/givePlane- Gives a plane to player
/planeList – List all the plane types.
/getPlane – Get a plane
/parachuteShop – Opens the parachute shop.
/giveParachute – Gives a parachute to player
/parachuteList – List all the parachute types.
/getParachute – Get a parachute
/tankShop – Opens the tank shop.
/giveTank- Gives a tank to player
/tankList – List all the tank types.
/getTank – Get a tank
/helicopterShop – Opens the helicopter shop.
/giveHelicopter – Gives a helicopter to player

A road with a mixture of vehicles

6. FactionsUUID

FactionsUUID is the best factions manager for a factions server. It simplifies the process of creating a factions server and combines everything into one plugin. Some of the many features included are scoreboards, customizable messages, /f map to see nearby factions, /f fly to fly in your faction claims, /f top to see the top factions by money, land claim, power, spawners, and items; and tons more!

Some useful commands:

/f create – Create a faction
/f claim – Claim some land for your faction
/f map – See nearby factions in a certain set radius
/f invite – Invite people to join your faction
/f sethome – Set your faction’s home
/f home – Teleport to your faction’s home
/f chat – Talk to members in your faction only
/f fly – Turn on flight in your claimed faction land only
/f open – Make your faction available for anyone to join
/f show – Show info about a faction or your own faction
/f unclaimall – Unclaim all faction claimed land
/f disband – Delete and disband your faction
/f list – List all top factions

<img src="" alt="<code>/f map
Faction Permissions GUI
Claim Faction Land

5. LibsDisguises

LibsDisguises is an incredible disguise plugin with hundreds of customization included. It allows you to disguise as any entity, player, block, and even item! You can even turn any other entity, such as a pig, into another entity, like a player. LibsDisguises has infinite possibilities, including minigames such as hide and seek, and even trolling your friends and server members! You can also sell disguises on your server as a nice and fun cosmetic.

LibsDisguises is one of the only plugins here that features a free version, which you can download here!

Some useful commands:

/disguise – Disguise as the specified entity
/disguise player – Disguise as a player
/disguiseradius – Disguise all entities in a specified radius
/disguiseplayer – Disguise another player as an entity
/disguiseentity – Disguise an entity as another entity
/undisguise – Remove your disguise
/undisguiseentity – Remove an entities disguise
/undisguiseplayer – Remove a players disguise
/undisguiseradius – Remove any entities or players disguise in a specified radius

Disguising yourself (other players won't see the "ghost" player)
In-Game help menu

4. ShopGUI

ShopGUI is a definite must-have for any survival-based or RPG server with an economy. ShopGUI allows you to sell in-game items for in-game currency with a command. You might’ve seen this used in survival servers before. You can configure the shop to work however you like, including adding specific items and removing others. You can also sell items with enchantments and special item names and descriptions

Some useful commands:

/shop – open the main shop menu
/shop reload – reload the configuration
/shop check – get information of the item held in hand
/shop [shop name] – directly open the specified shop
/shop [player] [shop name] – open the specified shop
/sell hand [quantity] – sell the item held in your hand
/sell handall – sells all items inventory which are the same as the one being held in your hand
/sell all – sells all items from your inventory
/shop addmodifier – Add item price modifier
/shop checkmodifiers – check player’s current price modifiers

Shop Examples
Selling example

3. Citizens

Citizens is the ultimate NPC plugin for your server. It allows you to create amazing NPCs that look just like players. You can make these NPCs have any skin you like, hold any item(s) you like, wear any armour you like, walk anywhere you like, say anything in chat you like, make any noise you like, and more! This is a must-have for any server wanting to bring their gamemodes to life with NPC guides, NPCs as decoration, and more!

Citizens is another plugin that has a free version available, but if you can, get the paid version – it’s worth it and it supports the developers! The free version is available here!

Some useful commands:

/npc – Show basic NPC info
/npc age – Choose the age of an NPC
/npc bossbar – Set the NPC to show a bossbar
/npc controllable – Set the NPC to be rideable and controllable
/npc inventory – Show the NPCs inventory
/npc flyable – Make the NPC able to fly
/npc equip – Make the NPC equip something
/npc hologram – Change the NPC’s hologram text
/npc moveto – Teleport the NPC to your position
/npc mount – Mount a controllable NPC
/npc path – Set the path an NPC will move on

A player NPC
An enderman NPC standing next to a real player

2. AAC

If you can only purchase one plugin and you had to choose, AAC is the one. AAC is one of, if not the best anti-cheat available. It’s constantly updated to combat the latest hacks, including PVP and Survival hacks. Every public server needs a good anti-cheat, and AAC is the solution. Without AAC your server is exposed to hackers and cheaters that could ruin your server’s economy, ruin other players on your server’s experience, give your server bad reviews, and even more horrible stuff that you don’t want on your server.

Some useful commands:

/aac – Shows version of AAC
/aac help – Shows available subcommands
/aac reload – Reload AAC’s check and the check-related part of the configuration.
/aac status – Shows current time, amount of online players and lists enabled checks
/aac manage – Shows a gui to enable and disable checks on the fly (not saved to config)
/aac moderator – Shows a gui with a long-term vl overview of online players
/aac notify – Send a message to all people with the AAC notify permission
/aac verbose – Toggle verbose output ingame for all players.

BunnyHop Console Example
Speed Console Example

1. mcMMO

And finally, number 1: mcMMO.
mcMMO is the best plugin for any survival server to spice up player activity. It encourages players to level up skills just like an RPG. Skills include farming, mining, acrobatics, and more! mcMMO is amazing for Survival and RPG based servers, but it works on any other gamemode too! mcMMO is in heavily active development and the developer is open to suggestions!

Some useful commands:

/mcrank – Show your mcMMO rank
/(skill) – Check your specified skill experience
/mcremove – Remove a player from the database
/mcpurge – Remove all users and data from the database
/mcrefresh – Reset a skill level up Cooldowns for one or all players

mcMMO doesn’t have many commands needed, as most configuration is done in the config files!

List of Skills
Gathering Skills

And that’s the list! All of these plugins are amazing ways to make your server more fun, deepen your player’s experience, add more features and mini games, make a shop and sell in-game items for real money, and even just have fun with your friends and family!

If you don’t have a Minecraft server yet to run your plugins on, we at Elixirnode have inexpensive and amazing quality Minecraft server hosting so you can focus more on setting up your server with all these fun plugins. You can buy one here!

For any further questions/concerns contact us here.

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