What is Hytale?


Hytale is an upcoming sandbox game developed by Hypixel Studios. ElixirNode will be releasing Hytale hosting when the game comes out, so make sure to signup to be notified when the game comes out!

Hytale features a procedurally-generated fantasy world composed of blocks of numerous shapes arranged in a three-dimensional grid, featuring different randomly generated biomes, creatures, and dungeons. Players can participate in minigames similar to those found on the Hypixel server. Players will be able to build and share mods and custom content using a set of browser-based and in-game tools.

Hytale includes several procedurally-generated areas of the world known as “zones”, made up of many biomes, blocks, and mobs. This mode will feature RPG-styled combat for singleplayer and multiplayer and include dynamic boss encounters and dungeon exploration. Hytale will feature block-based construction and includes many different world editing and cinematic tools players can use in-game. It will feature a Java scripting system that allows players to create and execute code in-game, as well as an HTML-based 3D modeling, texturing, and animation toolkit where players can create custom assets for the game. The game will support large community-run servers.

Get a Hytale server going when the game comes out, by signing up at https://elixirnode.com/hytale

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