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Hytale Hosting
Excited for Hytale? So are we! We will let you know when we release hosting for Hytale!
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Hypixel Studios
What is Hytale?
Hytale is an upcoming game that combines the scope of a sandbox with the depth of a roleplaying game, immersing players in a procedurally generated world where teetering towers and deep dungeons promise rich rewards. Designed with creative players in mind, Hytale’s engine supports everything from block-by-block castle construction to scripting and customization delivered using easy to use and powerful tools.
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Features to Come
You will not be disappointed in the features that we may provide once the game releases.
Powerful Hardware
We are not yet sure what hardware will be best for Hytale but we can ensure you ElixirNode will not fall short!
Low Latency
Our network has some of the fastest speeds ever, you will never have to worry about ping lag.
Instant Activation
Your server will be ready right after your payment, instantaneously.
Dedicated Support
Our dedicated support team across multiple platforms will always be there to help you out!
DDoS Protection
Our services are always protected, we always got your back covered.
As always, ElixirNode will look into providing freebies in addition to the server packages!
Frequently Asked Questions
We have selected a few of the most frequently asked questions below.
When will Hytale release?
There is no current set release date for Hytale, we are hoping it is sooner rather than later but we will keep you updated.
How much will Hytale hosting cost?
Unfortunately we do not have enough information to provide an answer.
Will the Hytale game be free or paid?
Hytale is still finalizing the details, when they come out with decision of making the game free or paid, we will be told.
How will you announce Hytale hosting?
Announcements will be made on discord, on this page and most importantly via signing up your email. We will immediately send out an email to you once Hytale hosting is out!
Will there be a beta?
Yes, you can register for the beta at the Hytale website.
Ready to be alerted?
Once Hytale servers are available, we will notify you.