How to test your Minecraft server Votifier

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In this article, we will be testing our votifier configuration using the votifier tool on ElixirNode.
The votifier tool is part of the tool realm at ElixirNode.

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Head to the votifier tool and enter all of the details under “Server Votifier Tester“, this includes your username, server ip, votifier port and your public key. All of which can be found in your votifier configuration!

Once entered, click “Send Test Vote” then simply check your server console for a test vote, once spotted that means your votifier is working. If you do not find a test vote, then contact us for help with your votifier configuration!

That’s it:
– The votifier tool will send a test vote, which can be visible in both console and in-game. If you cannot spot it at all, then there is something wrong with your votifier configuration.
– A common issue may be that you are using an incorrect or outdated listener for your votifier.
– We can always help you out with your votifier configuration, contact us with the below link!

If you have any questions/concerns, contact us.

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