Best Minecraft Server Hosting: 3 Tiers, 3 Cheers!

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ElixirNode offers three tiers of cheap Minecraft hosting that you can rent! Each tier will permit you to buy Minecraft servers depending on the performance and features you’re going for.
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We will go through all 3 tiers starting from Bargain. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Tier 1: $0.85/GB

Hardware: Intel Xeons, DDR3 Ram, SSD Storage
Cost: $0.85/GB/mo
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The Bargain Minecraft hosting is a perfect plan for those that have a very small budget and that do not have a heavy server. We recommend this plan for test servers, proxies, or servers for friends that do not run heavy stuff. We’ve even seen it first-hand that if you optimize your server well then you can have it run under Bargain as well, though we highly discourage using Bargain for the latest version of Minecraft as it is a very heavy and low-performant version; though you can always try it out. However, we would never recommend it for a stable 1.15 playerbase server, but we think it could work with lower versions of Minecraft. Running your server with 1.12 jar or lower would work perfectly on Bargain as if you have somewhat of a playerbase and it’s a bit heavy, you can always upgrade in the future!

Tier 2: $1.75/GB

Hardware: Intel i7-6/7700K & Ryzen 5 3600, DDR4 Ram, NVMe SSD Storage
Cost: $1.75/GB/mo
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The Premium Minecraft hosting plan is perhaps our most popular plan! Its hardware is absolutely powerful and the price for that hardware is one of the lowest ever! This plan is perfect for all servers, especially for public production servers, though of course, we recommend our next plan you’re about to read about for higher playerbase servers. The Premium plan is one we’re definitely proud to be able to provide to our clients, not that we aren’t proud of our other plans of course! Whether in NA or EU the plan delivers raw performance, though I have to admit ElixirNode has fallen more in love with Ryzens over time.

Tier 3: $3.5/GB

Hardware: Intel i9-9900K & Ryzen 9 3900X, DDR4 Ram, NVMe SSD Storage
Cost: $3.5/GB/mo
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The Deluxe Minecraft hosting plan is aimed to always deliver the latest hardware available in the market, as we aim to provide you the best hardware in the world to host your Minecraft server! Deluxe is similar to Premium in that it can be deployed for any Minecraft server, but its usefulness comes for servers that have a higher playerbase being around 50+ players. Though do keep in mind for 1.15 (latest) versions of Minecraft, we always recommend Deluxe, and if one has the budget, even a dedicated server would do since 1.15 is a very low performant version. There are numerous servers who host with Deluxe with a playerbase of 100-200+ players though they utilize versions such as 1.8 or 1.12. Just like with the other plans, hosting with Deluxe is a guarantee that lag will be of the past, granted your server is well optimized and in good shape! Our support team will always be glad to assist you to ensure that your server runs smoothly with absolutely no issues.

By offering 3 tiers to choose from, ElixirNode offers extensive flexibility to different budgets to ensure that we deliver the highest quality service possible without emptying your bank account! What are you waiting for? Have a pro Minecraft server by renting a cheap Minecraft server from us today by clicking here.

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