How to add funds to your ElixirNode client account


This article will show you how to add funds to your ElixirNode client account credit balance.

What are credits?
Credits are basically a money balance, which you can use to pay for any invoices, renew service(s) or purchase any additional service(s). It acts like real money and counts as USD (translated from the currency you pay with.)
Why use credits?
Credits in your account allows you to avoid lots of small transactions and to take care of any invoices, renewals, service purchases & many more easily & instantly without any new transaction.

Login to the client area and make sure you are at the home/dashboard page! Then click “Add Funds” under available credit.

elixirnode client area dashboard

In the “amount to add” enter the amount of credit you would like to add. Then select the payment method under “payment method” then click “Add Funds” and pay for your order through the upcoming page or go to the invoice.

elixirnode add funds credit page

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