How to create a free subdomain for your Minecraft server

 Game Hosting

* A Minecraft server

Make sure you are using a hosted minecraft server to ensure that you can setup the subdomain.


Head to our subdomain creator tool and once you are there, you will see this:


Select the domain you would like to create a subdomain to, for example: If we choose, our server will be


We will now enter the details into each space.
For Prefix: You will enter the name of the subdomain you’d like to use if we enter “example” you will create the subdomain (or the domain you chose).
For Server IP: Simply copy and paste the numerical IP of your server, without the port.
For Server Port: Enter the port of your server (if you have a dedicated IP, you still need to put the port 25565).
Once you have done that, click create, and you’re all set!

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