Top 10 Useful CSGO Console Commands in 2021

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This article will go over the top 10 most useful CSGO commands that you can use on the console. To know how to access the console in CSGO check out this article. These commands will not only help you out while playing CSGO but also when you are using ElixirNode CSGO server hosting!

#10 :: find (text)
The find command permits you to search for any CSGO command you wish by using the text that you input to find what command you are looking for.

csgo find command

#9 :: key_listboundkeys
This command will permit you to see what every key on your keyboard and mouse is bound to!

csgo key_listboundkeys command

#8 :: net_graph (#)
The net_graph command will open up a small box to the bottom right of your screen showing you some very useful information such as ping, FPS, var etc.

csgo net_graph command

#7 :: cl_updaterate (#)
This command will set the amount of packets you’d like to receive per second from the server.

csgo cl_updaterate command

#6 :: cl_cmdrate (#)
This command will set the maximum amounts of command packets you’d like to send to the CSGO servers per second.

csgo cl_cmdrate command

#5 :: fps_max (#)
This command will permit you to set the maximum amount of frames-per-second (FPS) that will be rendered on CSGO. Set this command to 0 to disable the cap.

csgo fps_max command

#4 :: status
The status command will show a lot of useful information regarding the CSGO server host you are connected to, you must be in a server to be able to run this command.

csgo status command

#3 :: cl_join_advertise (#)
This command will set how your friends on steam will be able to view your profile in terms of the CSGO server you are connected to and whether or not they can join you. Default is 1 which permits friends to join if you are on a valve official CSGO server like playing CSGO casual. Setting it to 2 will permit your friends to join any server you join whether official CSGO (valve) server or otherwise. But setting it to 0 will not permit any friends to join any servers you join!

csgo cl_join_advertise command

#2 :: r_cleardecals
This command will remove bullets, blood etc. from showing in-game this may show an increase of your FPS!

csgo r_cleardecals command

#1 :: alias
The alias command will permit you to assign an alias (another command you can make up) to act as an existing command, this can be useful to make certain commands shorter maybe!

csgo alias command

There you have it, those are the top 10 CSGO console commands! If you have any questions/concerns or need any help then contact us.

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