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CPU Ram Storage Location Cost
IntelG-1 Intel i7-4790K @ 4 GHz 16 GB 120 GB SSD NA/EU $95/mo Order Now
IntelG-2 Intel i7-4790K @ 4 GHz 32 GB 250 GB SSD NA/EU $140/mo Order Now
IntelG-3 Intel i7-6700K @ 4.2 GHz 64 GB 500 GB SSD NA/EU $150/mo Order Now
IntelG-4 Intel i9-9900K @ 5 GHz 128 GB 1 TB NVMe SSD NA $285/mo Order Now
IntelG-5 Intel i9-10900K @ 5 GHz 128 GB 2 TB NVMe SSD NA $370/mo Order Now
RyzenG-3 AMD Ryzen 5600X 64 GB 500 GB NVMe SSD NA/EU $165/mo Order Now
RyzenG-4 AMD Ryzen 5900X 128 GB 2 TB NVMe SSD NA/EU $269/mo Order Now
RyzenG-5 AMD Ryzen 5950X 128 GB 2 TB NVMe SSD NA/EU $345/mo Order Now
CPU Ram Storage Location Cost
IntelE-1 E3-1230 @ 3.6 GHz 32 GB 250 GB SSD NA $95/mo Order Now
IntelE-2 Intel E5-1640 @ 4 GHz 64 GB 1 TB SSD NA/EU $195/mo Order Now
IntelE-3 Intel E5-2680v2 @ 3.6 GHz 128 GB 250 GB SSD NA $225/mo Order Now
CPU Ram Storage Location Cost
IntelB-1 Intel i3-2130 @ 3.4 GHz 8 GB 2 TB HDD NA/EU $35/mo Order Now
IntelB-2 Intel i5-2300 @ 3.1 GHz 16 GB 2 TB HDD NA/EU $45/mo Order Now
IntelB-3 Intel E3-1225v2 @ 3.6 GHz 16 GB 6 TB HDD NA/EU $75/mo Order Now
IntelB-4 E3-1245v2 @ 3.8 GHz 32 GB 6 TB HDD NA/EU $79/mo Order Now

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We will setup everything for you and make sure your dedicated server is good to go at all times, all for free!

DDoS Protection

All of our dedicated servers are hosted on DDoS protected network, you can rest assure that no attack will make it through.

Root Access

Full root access privileges are provided regardless of whether you choose managed or unmanaged, you are in full control!

Quality Bandwidth

Our network consists of an unlimited amount of the highest quality bandwidth, allowing a seamless network connection.

24/7 Support

We are here to help 24/7 through multiple platforms in case you need any help of any kind or have any questions at all!

Highest Performance

All of our dedicated servers have top notch hardware in use allowing an amazing performance like no other host.

so many to choose from

Dedicated Servers Operating Systems

Some operating system choices are: CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE, Windows, OpenBSD, Mandriva, and much more that we allow you to choose from. Rest assure, you can install almost any operating system you would like to run the operations you want on your ElixirNode dedicated server.

Why choose ElixirNode dedicated hosting?

Here are just a few reasons to choose ElixirNodes dedicated server hosting, the best available dedicated servers!


Completely Managed

All of our dedicated servers are by default fully managed, we take care of everything for you, with no extra charge!


Amazing Support

Need any help at all? Contact us or ask our community which is filled with experienced clients that are eager to help.


Best Quality Possible

ElixirNode is known for quality, and with dedicated servers that is no different. Enjoy the best hardware, network, etc.

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Frequently asked questions
What is dedicated server hosting?
Dedicated server hosting, aka Dedicated hosting, is the most powerful hosting solution. It is an entire machine that you rent that is exclusively all yours so that it is not shared with anyone else.
Does dedicated hosting require lots of knowledge?
Dedicated servers generally require some baseline knowledge that you can learn from google. However! Since our machines are all managed, you actually do not need any knowledge at all.
What can I do with dedicated server hosting?
With dedicated server hosting, the possibilities are endless. So long as you do not do anything malicious, you may do as you please on the machine such as host games, websites, etc.
How do I get started with dedicated hosting?
After ordering then paying the invoice for your order, you will go through a validation phase (if it is your first dedi order) then we will start to setup your machine and have it done for you within setup time.
How is dedicated server hosting support?
ElixirNode dedicated servers are fully managed, meaning that we will help you with everything on your machine so our 24/7 fast support extends to helping you out with every and any issue on your server.
What are dedicated server benefits?
Dedicated server hosting is the most powerful hosting solution available, which makes it the most prominent benefit. However, in addition to this you do not have to share any of your hosting resources.

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