$2/GB Monthly

Intel Xeon @ 4 GHz

DDR3 Ram

SSD Storage

No Overselling


$3/GB Monthly

Intel i7 @ 4.2 GHz

DDR4 Ram

NVMe SSD Storage

No Overselling

North America
CPUXeon E5-1650v4
RamDDR3 1600 MHz
Port500 MBps Up/Down
CPUComing Soon
RamComing Soon
PortComing Soon
CPU Cores Cost Ram Storage+ Port
Budget-1 1 vCore $2.00/mo 1 GB 25 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Budget-2 1 vCore $4.00/mo 2 GB 40 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Budget-3 2 vCore $6.00/mo 3 GB 60 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Budget-4 2 vCore $8.00/mo 4 GB 80 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Budget-5 3 vCore $10.00/mo 5 GB 90 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Budget-6 3 vCore $12.00/mo 6 GB 100 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Budget-8 4 vCore $16.00/mo 8 GB 125 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Budget-10 4 vCore $20.00/mo 10 GB 150 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Budget-12 5 vCore $24.00/mo 12 GB 200 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Budget-16 6 vCore $32.00/mo 16 GB 250 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Budget-24 7 vCore $48.00/mo 24 GB 275 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Budget-32 8 vCore $64.00/mo 32 GB 300 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
CPUIntel i7-6700K | i7-7700K
RamDDR4 2400 MHz
Port500 MBps Up/Down
CPU Cores Cost Ram Storage+ Port
Superior-2 1 vCore $6.00/mo 2 GB 10 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Superior-3 2 vCore $9.00/mo 3 GB 18 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Superior-4 2 vCore $12.00/mo 4 GB 24 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Superior-5 3 vCore $15.00/mo 5 GB 30 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Superior-6 3 vCore $18.00/mo 6 GB 36 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Superior-8 4 vCore $24.00/mo 8 GB 48 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Superior-10 4 vCore $30.00/mo 10 GB 60 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Superior-12 5 vCore $36.00/mo 12 GB 72 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Superior-16 6 vCore $48.00/mo 16 GB 96 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Superior-24 7 vCore $72.00/mo 24 GB 144 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now
Superior-32 8 vCore $96.00/mo 32 GB 192 GB SSD 500 Mbps Purchase Now

Some VPS Features

Our VPS hosting includes hundreds of features for your VPS from panel features to features within the VPS itself, all at an unbeatable price. Choosing ElixirNode means choosing the best VPS hosting provider!

Enterprise Hardware

Free Dedicated IP

KVM Virtualizor

30+ Operating Systems

DDoS Protection

Full Root Access

Unlimited Bandwidth

No Overselling

Operating Systems for your VPS

CentOS Operating System

Lightweight, fast, secure are three of the many reasons to go with CentOS. CentOS is one of the most popular Linux distributions, that is at an enterprise level supported by a large community. It is a great choice for your VPS hosting.


Extended Support

Package Management

Document Rich

Strong Security

Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu is almost the most widely used operating system for vps hosting servers. It is an open-source, extremely secure operating system that provides a stable and flexible system. It is ideal for any
VPS hosting purposes.


User Friendly

Highly Customizable

Low Requirements

Free Softwares

Fedora Operating System

Red Hat is the base and support of Fedora, ensuring that your VPS is running powerfully under Fedora. It is a secure, efficient and a trusted operating system like all the other big operating systems. It is can be used on your VPS hosting for any reason.


Gnome Shell

Software Freedom

Fast Updates

Large Variety

Debian Operating System

With both stability and speed, Debian is a no brainer operating system choice. Probably more important are the speed benefits, which is one of the main reasons VPS hosting clients go with Debian. Although, we are not neglecting its other features such as security.


Speed Benefits

Bug Tracking

Long-Term Life

Architecture Four

More Operating Systems

There are many operating systems out there that are as great as these major players but they are too many to list. The list below should give you a couple we recommend that may provide features you would like. Keep in mind, there is much more than this list!

Other OS





Some Snippets of our Stunning VPS Panel

We use the latest technology softwares to give you a stunning VPS hosting panel giving you complete control of your VPS as well as ensuring stability such as preventing overselling through our setup technology!






Frequently asked questions
What is VPS hosting?
Virtual Private Server hosting, aka VPS hosting, is a hosting environment that allows for resources such as RAM and CPU to be dedicated to your account. This is achieved by virtualizing a Dedicated server and splitting the resources amongst the users on that server. A VPS hosting environment mimics a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment.
What are VPS hosting benefits?
Beyond the hundreds of features, stunning panel and more that ElixirNode exclusively provides you. VPS hosting allows you to have complete root access to your server beyond the normal control panel access, it will allow you to host anything you'd like that's not malicious of course. A VPS is a hybrid of dedicated and shared hosting with combined pros of both!
How do I get started with VPS hosting?
Once you have chosen your VPS hosting package, you simply click order and follow through our order system. Once you followed through everything, by configuring and entering all required information, you simply pay for your order. Your VPS will then either be setup instantly, or may take hours if it needs to go through manual approval. If your VPS host takes longer than 12 hours, contact us.
Does VPS hosting require a lot of knowledge?
When using VPS for hosting, a small degree of technical knowledge such as knowing how to SSH and install certain things may be needed. However, this is why we have a helpcenter full of VPS hosting tutorials for you. We also have a Managed VPS option where we can handle everything for you! Either route you take depends on the time and money you are willing to spend on your VPS.
What can I do with VPS hosting?
With VPS hosting, you are essentially able to do anything you would like, other than malicious things of course. You can host game servers, a website, or seriously anything! That is the beauty of VPS hosting, the incredible amount of control and flexibility in choosing what to host. With the hundreds of features we provide, VPS hosting becomes even more exciting!
How is VPS hosting support?
Our VPS hosting services are Unmanaged unless the Managed VPS addon is added to your VPS. However, whenever there is a host related issue at all we will be glad to help. Any general technical can also be answered as well, we can help with almost anything when it comes to your VPS, however we cannot go into it to perform any tasks without having the Managed VPS addon purchased.

Still have questions?