20 Useful RCON commands for your CSGO server

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This article will provide you with 20 useful RCON commands to help manage your CSGO hosting.

#1 rcon_password <password>
This command will connect you to the RCON on your server. No doubt, anyone using RCON will have to use this command to even start using any other commands on this list for your CSGO host.

#2 rcon status
This command will check your connection to the RCON. It will show the IP, name, OS and type of the server as well as some general information about the players on your csgo host.

#3 rcon map <mapname>
The name speaks for itself, this console command will change the current map on the CSGO server hosting.

#4 rcon users
Upon entering this command, you will get a list of all users on the CSGO server, their slots, IDs, and names.

#5 rcon kick < user >
Is anyone unwanted on the CSGO server? Use “rcon kick < name >” to kick a user from your CSGO hosting.

#6 rcon banid < minutes > < userid | uniqueid > { kick }
This command will ban a user for a set amount of time from your CSGO server. Use “0” for < minutes > to ban them permanently from your CSGO host.

#7 rcon say < message >
This command will send your message to the CSGO server on the game chat from the name of the console.

#8 rcon host_workshop_map <fileID>
Use this command to host a custom workshop map on your CSGO server!

#9 rcon mp_restartgame <seconds>
This command will restart the CSGO game for you in a set amount of seconds. Can be helpful if you want to reload all the configs, but don’t want to reload the CSGO server through the game panel.

#10 rcon sv_password <your password>
Do you want to host a private CSGO game on your server? This command will set a password every player will have to join with.

#11 rcon hostname <hostname>
This command will change the hostname of your CSGO server!

#12 rcon exec <file name>
If you need to execute a configuration, you can do so by using this command.

#13 rcon bot_quota<number>
Regulate the amount of bots on your CSGO host! You can also use “rcon bot_add <ct/t>” to add bots to a specific team.

#14 rcon cs_make_vip <user>
This command will make a certain user VIP on the CSGO hosting.

#15 rcon sv_cheats 1
This command will enable cheats. You have the freedom to make yourself invincible (god), see through walls (r_drawothermodels 1), or even fly (noclip)

#16 rcon stats
Stats about your CSGO host! You can review the CPU, NetIn, NetOut, Uptime, FPS, tickrate and players.

#17 rcon listid
List of ids of every single players banned on the CSGO hosting server. Can be useful if you want to unban someone.

#18 rcon cvarlist
This command will help you check all loaded convars and their values on your CSGO host server.

#19 rcon explode <user>
Explode a CSGO player! Let them know who is the boss.

#20 rcon find <tag>
This command will help you find any command by tags! If you can’t find the right console command, use “rcon find <tag>” for help.

That’s it! If you have any further questions/concerns or need any help then contact us.

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