How to connect to your Minecraft server’s FTP via FileZilla

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Connecting to your Minecraft server FTP through FileZilla is important in order to move files large files around easily that our online FTP won’t allow you in order not to slow down the panel! In this article, we will go over how you can connect to your Minecraft server’s FTP using FileZilla! We use Multicraft at ElixirNode so this method can be used similarly to other Multicraft control panels.
FileZilla link:

Find your Minecraft server’s FTP details by going to the control panel and heading to Files >FTP File Access

Once you are at this page, you will see your FTP Address, Port, Username and your Multicraft password. You need all four of these to connect to your server’s FTP using FileZilla.

Open up FileZilla and from the previous step you will see in the image the where to get the information to paste into FileZilla.
Host = FTP Address
Username = FTP Username
Port = FTP Port
Password = Your Control Panel Password
Now with all this information put into FileZilla, simply click “Quickconnect” and you’ll be in your server’s FTP through FileZilla!

If there’s any outdated information or if you still need help, contact our support.

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