How to switch to Java 16 on game panel for Minecraft server

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With the release of Minecraft 1.17, Java 16 is now required! On default, all new ElixirNode Minecraft server hosting services will be deployed on Java 16. However, you may switch to other Java versions using this same method. However, if you are an older client of ours, this tutorial is useful for you to switch to Java 16 should you want to run Minecraft 1.17!

Login to the game panel, then head to your Minecraft server. Once there, click on the “Configuration” button at the top.

game panel configuration button

Once you are here, you want to click under “Docker Image” and change it to “openjdk-16” which is Java 16! Once you have done that, all you have to do is restart your server, you’re all good to go!

game panel java switcher docker image

Things to know:
– Java 16 will not work with versions below 1.17, so you must ensure you have selected Java 11.
– If you are running versions below 1.9 such as 1.8/1.7, these versions may also not support both Java 16 and Java 11, which is why Java 8 is available.
– Some plugins may not be up to date, so knowing when to make the decision to upgrade is important as it could be detrimental to your Minecraft server.

For any further questions/concerns, contact our support team!

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