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Finding a good anticheat plugin is hard these days. Most servers struggle to find and utilize good anticheat plugins and it puts a lot of pressure on their staff team. We have put together a Top 5 list of the best anticheat plugins available.

Over the years of Minecraft’s release, cheating has gone up tremendously. There are always new cheats and hacked clients that get developed to “beat the system”. A lot of server owners struggle to keep cheaters out of their Minecraft server host. It is absolutely crucial that you have an anticheat plugin when running a larger network. However, finding a good supported and functional anticheat is not easy, sames goes for finding a good minecraft hosting. A lot of the anticheat developers have moved their plugins to the private sector where you have to purchase a monthly subscription or alike.

This article will help you choose the best anticheat for your server without having to spend a lot of money and time to find what works best for you.

We hope you find this list helpful and the information reliable.

5. Negativity Anticheat

negativity minecraft server anticheat

Negativity is a free anticheat plugin for Spigot, Sponge, Bungeecord, and Velocity. Negativity is a good and functional anticheat plugin. The plugin is supported from 1.7 to 1.18.x. Negativity has more than 89,000 downloads on Spigot with an overall 4-star rating.

Notable features
Negativity has support and messages for 16 different languages, some of them being Russian, Spanish, English, Italian and Polish.

The plugin checks for 30+ different cheats and violations. One of the checks the plugin has is chatted moderation, where the plugin moderates the chat for foul language, spam, and bad behavior. Some of the cheats the plugin checks for are FastBow, Forcefield/Killaura, Scaffold, XRay, Nuker, and 25+ more cheats.

Negativity also has bungeecord support, a report system, GUI support, MySQL, sponge support, a built-in ban system, and an extensive language system.

minecraft server anticheat features

A few commands
Some common commands you can use is /negativity alert to disable/enable alerts and detections. /negativity verif <player> to do a complete check on the player mentioned in the command.

However, the plugin can be on the “slow” side where it uses some time to find and detect cheaters. Negativity is an overall decent, free, and easy-to-use plugin with a lot of customization, features, and fast support. Hence earning its place at number 5 on our list. You can find Negativity here.

4. Vulcan Anticheat

vulcan minecraft server anticheat

Vulcan Anticheat is an advanced cheat detection system that operates using packets. Vulcan is a premium plugin on Spigot that costs $19.99. Vulcan has a total of 2,900 downloads on Spigot and an overall 5-star rating. Vulcan is supported from 1.7 to 1.18.x, meaning all versions are supported.

Vulcan Disclaimer
The developers of the plugin have made a disclaimer on the plugin page that Vulcan only detects, handles, and focus on obvious cheats and hacked clients. The developers continue to inform that if you are looking for a plugin that can detect and ban cheaters using 3.01 reach, or Vape, Vulcan is not the best choice. However, if you are looking to handle obvious cheaters that use kill aura, fly and alike, Vulcan is a great choice.

Notable features
Vulcan is very customizable. The plugin has a great API for developers and very optimized, customizable configuration files. The plugin is not advanced to use and works very easily even though they describe themselves as advanced. The plugin does not require an advanced configuration, you simply drag and drop it.

Vulcan has a built-in client brand. What they mean by this is that the plugin can identify what client, program, or alike a player us. Vulcan has a great and customizable GUI system. The GUI displays information about the player mentioned and also have premade ban messages/command in it.

Not to mention, Vulcan has a discord integration to get punishments, alerts, and logging directly into your discord server. This will make the job for staff a lot easier as well.

vulcan minecraft server anticheat discord bind

A few commands
Some commands you can use is /alerts to enable/disable detection alerts. /vulcan checks to display all the checks of Vulcan. /logs (player) to display logs. You also have an exciting command, /jday execute which executes a ban wave of detected cheaters.

Vulcan is a great anti-cheat that will help you with obvious cheaters. However, the plugin does not work well with cheaters that use clients such as Vape and almost undetectable cheats. Like using 3.01 blocks reach. Therefore, Vulcan has earned spot number 4 on our list.
You can find Vulcan here.

3. SoaromaSAC

SoaromaAC minecraft server anticheat

SoaromaSAC is a lightweight, free anti-cheat found on Spigot. The anti-cheat I supported for recent versions from 1.17.x to 1.18.x. SoaromaSAC has 16,200+ downloads on Spigot and an overall rating of 4,5 stars.

SoaromaSAC is developed to work with the more recent versions. This means the anti-cheat won’t work on versions below 1.17. SoaromaSAC is not a PvP anticheat. The anti-cheat is developed to find and detect movement cheats. If you are looking for an anti-cheat that mainly will focus on detecting PvP cheats for factions, bedwars, and so on, SoaromaSAC might not be your best choice. SoaromaSAC is developed for passive Minecraft server host such as skyblock, survival, and so on. Hence it has

Notable features
SoaromaSAC has a lot of unique and smart features considering it’s a free resource. SoaromaSAC has a smart punishment GUI where staff and managers can easily punish players. The plugin has a total of 67 checks. 53 of them being movement-based.

All messages in the plugin are customizable and changeable. SoaromaSAC also offers a functional and fast discord integration to get a lot of information directly to your discord server.

SoaromaSAC also has a reporting system, logging system, freeze system, automatic punishments, and tons more.


SoaromaAC minecraft server anticheat features

SoaromaSAC is very lightweight. The image represents a server running SoaromaSAC with 60+ average players. The anti-cheat did a total of 51,000 checks and only used 0.17% tick speed, making it very easy and lightweight.

A few commands
Some of the more used and common commands in this plugin are /sacuser (player) to display information about the user. /sacfreeze (player) to freeze a player and /sacadmin for the plugin’s admin commands.

SoaromaSAC is a good anti cheat that works well for passive servers that are not PvP-based. However, the plugin is one of the better anti-cheats on the market when it comes to detecting movement cheats. Therefore earnings it’s a spot at number 3 on our list. You can find SoaromaSAC here.

2. GodsEye Anticheat

GodsEye minecraft server anticheat

GodsEye is a premium anticheat plugin found on Spigot. GodsEye is supported from 1.8 to 1.18.x. GodsEye is listed at the price of 15.50 GBP. GodsEye has 900 downloads and an overall rating of 4,5 stars.

About GodsEye
GodsEye is described as an advanced detection system. GodsEye’s objective is to remove all cheaters whilst not taking too many server resourcesand interrupting the experience of other players. GodsEye requires ProtocolLib in order to work.

GodsEye always gets updates. GodsEye gets updated whenever new hacked clients or cheats arise- in order to immediately fight it and the users. It is for sure one of the better anti-cheats when it comes to detecting modern-day and advanced hacked clients. GodsEye does not support any plugins that trick, modifies, or changes player movements.

Notable features
GodsEye has a very advanced detection system. This means GodsEye constantly checks for new, recent hacked clients whilst not preventing the game experience and taking too many server resources. GodsEye is lightweight, fully automated has inventory GUIs and even a complete punishment system.

GodsEye minecraft server anticheat GUI feature

The plugin also has a great stable check system where GodsEye makes stable checks on online players when it’s necessary or within an x time frame. This way the plugin won’t use too many server resources and act over-aggressively on the checks as other Anticheats do.

Ban waves! GodsEye has a great ban wave system. It’s a great feature for larger networks to have ban waves to take care of cheats in groups and not constantly individually.

The Developer API for the plugin is rated as very good and functional. Developers can go directly in and add new features, or change them to the servers liking and suiting.

GodsEye minecraft server anticheat feature in game animation for ban

These features are very important. But GodsEye has even added ban effects. Effects so other players can watch when a player gets banned or punished by GodsEye.

A few commands
/godseye alerts to enable/disable alerts about detections. /godseye logs (player) to check the player’s logs, former checks, and alike. /godseye profile (player) to check a player’s former punishments and profile.

GodsEye is a very nice anticheat that will definitely help you and your server. The plugin is premium, however, but all the great features and active updates make it worth it. Hence GodsEye’s ranking as number 2 on our list. You can find GodsEye here.

1. Spartan Anticheat

Spartan minecraft server anticheat

Spartan are the best anticheat on the market. Spartan is a premium plugin available on Spigot. Spartan is listed for the price of 22.50 EUR. Spartan is supported between 1.7 to 1.18.x. Which makes Spartan a really available and supported plugin. Spartan has a total of 7,700 downloads on Spigot, with an overall rating of 5 stars.

About Spartan
Spartan itself is a very good anticheat. The developer has also received tons of support for being very good, helpful, and passionate with his customers. The developer, Vagdedes, also offers a refund within 14 days if you are not satisfied with Spartan.

Spartan is the top choice when it comes to anti-cheats. The plugin adapts to each server and is very easy to use and customize.

Notable features
Spartan has a ton of features that are very reliable and great to have on any network. Firstly, the developer API is very capable and gives hundreds of options available to plugin developers.

The Spartan GUI is most likely the best and easiest tool of the plugin. The use of GUI’s in Spartan can be compared to a fully customizable control panel where all information, options, actions, and alike are stored.

Spartan minecraft server anticheat GUIs features

Spartan’s configuration files are easy to use. The plugin’s configuration files are also automated to fit each server and the version. Spartan is compatible with a lot of the most used plugins such as EssentialsX, McMMO, and Geyser.

Spartan, like a few other anti-cheats, has a good discord integration making information on your discord server possible and accessible. The integration is a smart tool to use if you want your staff not to be overworked and get information quickly from a reliable source.

Spartan minecraft server anticheat discord bind

Spartan is by far the most famous, and best anticheat on the market. It has great support, active developers, and is very reliable like Elixirnode‘s Minecraft hosting. Spartan is therefore a highly recommended plugin for your server. Hence earning its spot at number 1 on our list. You can find Spartan here.


Finding a good anticheat can be hard. Anti cheats are very based on their purpose. If your purpose is to just detect a cheat, you might be looking towards Vulcan. Or maybe you are looking for cheat detection and ban waves. Maybe spartan would be a good choice in that case. Anti cheats are very different from each other and their purpose of the use is also a very important factor.

Tips to find YOUR perfect anticheat:

Find the purpose; know exactly what you need the anticheat to cover.

Check out the anti-cheat features, does it cover what I need.

Check the versions and the reviews. Are the anticheat constantly updated and supported? What do the users say about the product?

If you are still uncertain about an anti-cheat, contact. Contact the developer of the plugin and ask the questions you have.

Following these tips will help you to find the perfect anticheat for your server. Your server deserves the best of the best, including Minecraft hosting. We hope you found this Top 5 useful.

For any questions/concerns or any help, please contact us! Make sure you have an ElixirNode Minecraft hosting server package.

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