How to setup a BungeeCord server network

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BungeeCord is used to connect multiple Minecraft servers together into one network. BungeeCord is used by most large Minecraft servers and by almost all Minecraft servers looking to connect multiple individual servers to one network.

BungeeCord requires at least 3 Minecraft servers to start: 1 proxy, 1 lobby and 1 game server, then you may gradually increase the amount of game servers or even lobbies to fit your needs. Make sure you order 3 best Minecraft server hosting packages in order to get setup with BungeeCord. You can learn about our 3 tiers of Minecraft hosting here to decide which to go with! Furthermore, in order to simplify BungeeCord, we have created an image for you:

elixirnode bungeecord tutorial diagram

Without further ado, in this article we are going to go over how to fully setup a secure BungeeCord server network, giving you a full BungeeCord tutorial. We’re going to use 3 servers to show you this, you can replicate some of the steps to add more servers! You can have us do all this for you by adding the “BungeeCord setup” addon to your server order or by creating a ticket!

Login to the game panel, click on “Manage” on the server you want to use for your PROXY being the one running BungeeCord which is what players will connect to. We recommend around 500 MB to 3 GB for your BungeeCord proxy server depending on amount of players and plugins. Nonetheless, download BungeeCord.jar and upload it to the home of your file management. After doing so, click on the start button and your server should come online, don’t worry if it doesn’t though.
Ensure that the name of the BungeeCord.jar is the same as the one in your startup parameters, learn more here.

game panel bungeecord.jar

Keep that BungeeCord server in mind, we’re going to come right back to it after we setup the other two servers. BOTH the Lobby and Game server are setup the exact same way. So replicate these steps for both your Lobby and Game server. Ensure your server is running either Spigot or Paper or any similar Minecraft server jar. Make sure you started your server already to ensure files are loaded, once this has been done we will first go into the to set “online-mode” to “false” then click “Save File“.

game panel editing

Then we will go back to return to the file manager and go to spigot.yml and set “BungeeCord” to “true“.

game panel editing spigot.yml

Finally, we must now secure our individual spigot servers by preventing players from joining the individual servers directly instead of going through the BungeeCord proxy. To do this we will use a plugin called IPWhitelist, however, you may use any alternative plugins which may require a different setup such as BungeeGuard! Install IPWhitelist and upload it to your plugins folder.

game panel installing ipwhitelist

After uploading IPWhitelist, simply restart your server then head to your console and enter the command “ipwl addip bungeecordIP” the BungeeCordIP is the IP:Port of your BungeeCord server.

ipwl addip game panel

Steps 2-5 should be repeated for any servers you want to add to BungeeCord.

After these steps, we will now head back to our BungeeCord proxy server and configure it. First, we will set “ip_forward” to “true” and set our max players.

game panel editing bungeecord config.yml

After this, we will now need to add all of our lobby/game servers into the BungeeCord config.yml so that it may be connected to the BungeeCord network.
*NAME: Whatever name you want to have your servers be set it at the top in this case ours is called “lobby“, “mg1” and “sw1” this is what the server will be known as and what you will use /server to go to.
*MOTD: This will be the MOTD that will appear in the server list, you should only worry about this for the lobby server only.
*ADDRESS: This is where you will put the IP:Port of each individual server you are connecting to the server.

adding servers to bungeecord config.yml

Ensure you set the priorities list to have the lobby server at the top or by itself. Additionally, ensure you set “force_default_server” to “true“.

editing bungeecord config.yml

After this, you can confirm everything is working by connecting to the BungeeCord server IP:Port then run /server to see a list of available servers you can connect to! We recommend you get a domain or subdomain for your numerical by the way!

testing best minecraft server hosting bungeecord server network /server

Too much? Simply add the “BungeeCord setup” addon to your Minecraft server hosting order or contact us!

– BungeeCord is the most popular proxy server jar, however, some other well-known alternative forks include Waterfall and Travertine!
– Plugins downloaded to the BungeeCord server are able to be used throughout all the servers connected to BungeeCord. But keep in mind, these are seperate than the individual server plugins which means things such as permissions are separated and control is separated, etc.
– BungeeCord automatically supports Minecraft versions 1.8 to latest, in order to support 1.7 you will need a fork of BungeeCord!

If you have any further questions or need help, contact us!

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