FiveM Car


Intel Xeon & i7

HDD Storage

Unlimited RAM

Unlimited Storage

FiveM/GTA Mods

Free FastDL

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FiveM Airplane


Ryzen 9 3900X

NVMe SSD Storage

Highest Performance

Automatic Backups

Free Web Hosting

+Perks from Car

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Unlimited Essentials

Unlimited Players, Unlimited Ram, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL Databases, & more. What else do you need? You are all set!

Complete Security

All of our rust servers come fully equipped with security such as DDoS protection, automatic backups, and more to fully secure your server!

No More Lag

ElixirNode utilizes only the best hardware available on the market, ensuring that your server will never lack in terms of raw power and speed.

The BEST Price

Our FiveM/GTA hosting charges one of, if not the cheapest pricing per player slot out there. Our prices can never be beaten!

Amazing Panel

Our stunning game panel provides complete control over your FiveM/GTA server in an extraordinary way, you will love to configure and control your server.

24/7 Support

We are here to help with any questions or issues 24/7. Our support time are currently or previously server owners and are able to help you out with anything!


Stunning Game Panel Like Never Before

Some snippets of our game control panel shows a bit of some the absolute beauty of our panel that you will be able to use for your rust hosting server. Our panel has numerous control features, default darkmode, and more!



File Manager


Scheduled Tasks


Enjoy The Best of The Best

At ElixirNode, our FiveM/GTA server hosting provides everything that you need, at the lowest possible price and at the highest quality making our rust hosting servers the best of the best!

Dedicated Community

When you become an ElixirNode client, you join the dedicated FiveM/GTA server hosting community at ElixirNode whom will help you out with advice and small issues that do not require our support team.

Built by GTA Lovers

As current and former FiveM hosting server owners ourselves, we know your needs and understanding what is required to ensure that your FiveM hosting server is top notch and is working flawlessly.

We are here to help!

Still have any questions/concerns? Make sure to contact us and we will gladly help you out with anything you need.

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Frequently asked questions
What is FiveM server hosting?
FiveM is actually a modification for GTA V allowing you to run a GTA multiplayer server smoothly on ElixirNode.
How many players can my FiveM server have?
Your FiveM/GTA server can have as many players as you selected on the plan configuration page, you can add as much as you would like.
How much resources do I get?
All FiveM/GTA servers come with unlimited ram, storage, bandwidth, and more. Open a ticket to up the soft limit of ram/storage.
What is the difference between the two plans?
We provide Unlimited resources such as ram on both plans, however the airplane plane has better hardware and perks.
Which location should my FiveM server hosting be?
You need to consider you and your players physical location from the regions that we provide. Let us know if you need a test IP.
What is the refund policy on FiveM server hosting?
All FiveM plans are eligible for 24H money back guarantee. Beyond 24 hours, if there are any issues with your server, we will refund.

Still have questions?