Minecraft hosting vs VPS hosting for your server

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ElixirNode offers two types services. Standard Minecraft hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. Both of these services have different benefits and different use cases. The question is, which is best for your Minecraft server hosting?
We will provide you a Minecraft option explanation and one for VPS then at the bottom of the article you can see a small compari

Minecraft OPTION;
ElixirNode has three different Minecraft hosting tiers. Bargain, Premium, and Deluxe. Bargain gets you a decent server for a very low price (1$/GB). You can have multiple players and a few plugins on a server that costs you less than $5 per month. The Premium Server package costs $1.75/GB and will get you a faster CPU and faster DDR4 RAM. The Deluxe Server package comes with the most and has a very fast Ryzen 9 3900X in the US and a i9-9900K in the EU. These super fast CPUs paired with DDR4 memory make ElixirNode’s Deluxe hosting one of, if not the fastest Minecraft hosting service around all for the low price of $3.50/GB. The Minecraft hosting option also have other perks included such as unmetered storage and unlimited player slots as well as some of the higher memory servers such as Bargin-8GB+, Premium-4GB+, and Deluxe 3GB+ include the top-tier web hosting plan for FREE. That means you can run a powerful, dynamic website for your Minecraft server. The main benefit of going this route is that you get somewhat faster hardware and you do not have to setup or maintain anything manually when it comes to the hosting software. Multicraft is a great and easy to use Minecraft panel and cPanel is a very easy to use panel for managing your website. This route allows you to focus on growing your Minecraft Community. Do keep in mind ElixirNode will be offering Pterodactyl as a panel for Minecraft hosting which you can see the images for in the game hosting page! For more info join our discord.

ElixirNode so far only offers one Virtual Private Server or “VPS” tier and that is Budget. These come with the same CPU and DDR3 memory that the Bargin Minecraft servers have. A VPS is just GNU/Linux virtual server freshly installed with the OS of your choice and can be used for almost any purposes or combination of purposes. VPSes are created by taking one large and powerful server and splitting it up into many smaller virtual servers that act like their own computer. Powered by the QEMU+KVM Hypervisor stack you get very high performance and a very secure and isolated system starting at $2/GB. The thing that sets Virtual Private Servers from straight Minecraft hosting is control and required experience. You can install and customize software to your needs and you do not have to worry about artificial limits such as limited databases, or a set amount of Minecraft servers running on your VPS. You can even install and run VPN servers and have very customizable websites. This is the perfect solution as a developer since you can install the server control panels of your choice, utilize technologies such as Docker, LXD, Nested KVM, NodeJS, Python, and Larvel to enhance your website, game servers, and software. You also have control of the Java version running on your system which can be a big deal if you are a developer. This does come with a cost though and that is slightly slower performance and if you are not experienced or you do not have someone with experience to set it up it can be a hassle to set up. ElixirNode will be releasing a Superior & Extreme VPS hosting packages soon with much higher CPU and Memory performance which will possibly make this the best choice for all users who have the knowledge to set it up and get everything working properly.

Minecraft hosting is a fast rocket of simplicity & VPS hosting is a medium rocket of complexity when choosing a Minecraft server hosting option.

Spongetabilous, ElixirNode CEO
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