What is a dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP is an IP that isn’t shared or used by any other service or domain. By default, a dedicated IP runs on port 25565, which has many advantages for Minecraft server hosting, which has been detailed below:

Why choose a dedicated ip:

When hosting a Minecraft server, ease of access and ease of setting up your server should be your top priority. If you don’t have a domain name, and players are connecting directly via your IP address, it will shorten the IP drastically, making it easier for players to remember. For example, a non-dedicated IP will have a port attached to the end, and so players would need to connect to, but if that was a dedicated IP, just would work, as the port would be excluded. If you want to connect a domain to the IP, so players connect to your domain to play, for example, examplecraft.com, it will eliminate the need to create an SRV record alongside your A record, making it a lot easier to set up your domain. You can also create a subdomain, learn to do so here, so that you may create a subdomain like example.m-c.xyz or example.elixir.host!

A dedicated IP will also boost the security of your server, making it less likely that trolls, hackers, and griefers will come across it, as with shared IP’s, a bad actor could try different ports on the same IP and just see what works, giving them the opportunity to cause trouble once they find a working port. As a dedicated IP isn’t shared with anyone, only you are aware of the IP, stopping most brute force attempts to cause trouble on your server.

All in all, a dedicated IP will make joining and setting up your server easier, and boost the security of un-whitelisted servers, and so I would definitely recommend a dedicated IP for the best Minecraft server hosting experience.

We offer the option to buy a dedicated IP with all of your Minecraft server hosting plans, and so I’ve attached the pricing below for our 3 tiers of Minecraft hosting to help you make the best decision on what’s right for your server!

– Bargain 1-6: $2.50/month
– Premium 1-8: $3.50/month
– Deluxe: $3.50/month

– Bargain 8+: FREE
– Premium 9+: FREE

In summary:
– A dedicated IP helps prevent hackers/trolls from trying different ports on the same IP to cause trouble
– A dedicated IP makes setting up a domain easier.
– By running on port 25565 a dedicated IP eliminated the need to add a port to the end of your IP if you’re not connecting via a domain
– Find out how to connect your dedicated IP to your server with cPanel web hosting, here!

For any further questions/concerns, contact us.

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