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Create free subdomains for your Minecraft server using the subdomain tool, completely free and you can create an unlimited amount of subdomains! We consistently add new domains, so make sure to come back in the future.

Free Minecraft Subdomains
Our Minecraft subdomain maker is completely free and we place no limits on the usage, create as many as you like.
No signup required
Simply pick a Minecraft subdomain prefix, enter your server IP and port then your desired domain and you will be all set.
Hide your port number
Using a subdomain means no longer using a numerical IP, the best part is that even the Minecraft server port is hidden.
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Frequently asked questions
Are the tools all free?
Yes! All of our tools are free and do not even require you to sign up or provide anything at all, simply use them.
How do I use any of the tools?
Above this section is the "tools guide" there you can find tutorials on every single tool that we have!
What do I do if I spotted a bug on a tool?
Contact us by using the contact us button below so we can check it out and fix any issues on the tools that you have.
Can you help me use the tools?
Yes, simply use the contact us button below. Although keep in mind, above this section are tool guides, check them out first.
Will the tools be free forever?
Yes! We have no plans to make any of our tools paid or requrie any type of email or sign up, they are free forever for you to use.
Can I suggest new tools?
Yes! We recommend you contact us using the button below and let us know what tools you would like to see added in the future.

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