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 VPS Hosting

Choosing the right VPS for hosting package is essential for your specific workload, from running a WordPress blog to running a the best Minecraft server hosting, we have a package for every workload. Our VPS for hosting packages vary in price per GB of ram between our budget and superior packages, costing $2 and $3 per GB respectively. Making sure you choose the right package to suit your needs is essential to having a great experience with your VPS hosting package, and so we’ll be detailing the best packages to choose for your specific workload below:

Tier 1: $2/GB

Hardware: Intel Xeon @ 3.1Ghz, DDR3 RAM, SSD storage
Cost: $2 per GB
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Our Budget VPS packages are perfect for small workloads, or other lightly threaded workloads. Our budget VPS server hosting plans all come with fast DDR3 ram which is perfect for processes that don’t rely heavily on ram speeds. Here at ElixirNode, we believe that no-one should be waiting on slow loading times caused by mechanical hard-drives, which is why our budget plans come equipped with super speedy SSD storage on all budget plans. All of our VPS for hosting plans come with a powerhouse of a CPU, but performance does vary across our range. Our budget VPS hosting plans come with an Intel Xeon CPU, which is a multi-core beast of a CPU designed specifically by Intel for servers. The cores from this CPU, which run at 3.1Ghz (3.1 billion instructions per second!) are then shared across different VPS’s. The amount of vCores on your VPS depends on the plan you select and range from 1-8. The budget VPSes however are not able to handle as much load and so running large game servers and other processes are not ideal and will not be as fast.

Tier 2: $3/GB

Hardware: Intel I7-7700K @ 4.2Ghz, DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSD storage
Cost: $3 per GB
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Our Superior VPS packages are perfect for those of you looking to squeeze every frame out of your gaming servers or who rely on their website for consistent revenue. Our superior VPS for hosting packages come equipped with blazing-fast DDR4 ram which will shred almost any workload, and all our superior VPS servers come with a lightning-fast NVMe SSD, which allows for blazing-fast read/write speeds to load huge files in a flash! We’re also proud to boast that our superior VPS plans all come with the super-fast i7-7700K by Intel, which boasts a much faster base clock per core (a whopping 4.2Ghz!!!), thanks to having far fewer cores per CPU, with this processor having 4 cores and 8 threads. Having a faster base clock per core is an advantage as it allows for far more instructions to be executed per second (1.1 billion more than budget!), meaning your applications will run faster, and game hosting will have higher TPS. The superior VPSes are ideal for any large game server or processes, expect the best of the best!

Some Features

While our budget and superior VPS packages do vary in terms of features, here at ElixirNode we don’t charge you extra for essential features, unlike other companies. Here’s a list of features that comes as standard some of our VPS for hosting packages regardless of the cost! You can also view these on our VPS hosting page.

DDOS protection:
All our VPS for hosting packages come with top of the line DDOS protection as standard, even on the cheapest budget plan. With ElixirNode you won’t pay extra for VPS hosting with DDOS protection, as keeping your service online at all times is our #1 priority!

Free dedicated IP:
A free IPv4 will be allocated to you and you alone with all our VPS hosting packages.

Unlimited bandwidth:
Gone are the days of paying extra for your bandwidth usage, at ElixirNode you’ll only pay for your package, never nasty bandwidth usage charges!

Preinstalled OS:
Choose from over 30 pre-installed operating systems available with the click of a button, so you can start using your package instantly!

Too Many More:
Our other features that come as standard on all VPS for hosting packages include but are not limited to; No overselling, the KVM virtualizor, full root access allowing you to manage every aspect of your server, and our enterprise-level hardware which can handle any application or game and much much more!

Choosing the Right Package

Choosing the right VPS for hosting package really depends on what you intend to use your VPS for hosting package for. Below I’ve outlined a few common use cases and given my personal recommendation for what plan seems best for you!

Minecraft server hosting 20 or less players:
Minecraft is a game that relies on single-core performance, so splashing out on an 8 core beast of a server to play Minecraft on seems a bit overkill. The version of Minecraft you’re running will dictate how much RAM on your VPS hosting you need, as versions 1.16 and above just love to eat your RAM, and as such, I recommend no less than 5GB of RAM as an absolute minimum for those versions. To run the latest version of Minecraft (1.16.4 at the time of writing) for less than 20 players with some plugins, I would personally recommend the Budget-9 VPS package, as you have plenty of RAM to play with, and some spare vCores to host a panel or a website for your server on the side. Although depending on your plugins I would honestly always recommend a Superior VPS, to be safe 1.12 and below will be just fine on Budget VPSes and 1.13 and above should be on Superior VPS. So for more plugins in this case, a Superior-7 or close would do perfectly!

Modded Minecraft server hosting 20+ players:
Once you start getting more than 20 players at a time on your server, your needs will naturally change especially with VPS hosting. With such a large player base the server will exponentially grow, and will probably start to generate income for you from web-stores. As such the whole operation will become more complicated as more plugins will need to be introduced to keep players satisfied, and sometimes modded servers are used to attract a niche player base, and as such multi-threaded performance will become more important, and the extra clock speed given by our superior range will prove invaluable to combat the TPS drops caused by a large player base or the larger amounts of plugins and mods that get installed. As such, given the size of the server and the number of resources, it will be eating to keep up with the strain put on it, I highly recommend our Superior-10 plan or above, as the extra vCores will be invaluable to hosting websites, admin panels and more, the higher base clock per core will significantly boost TPS at that level, helping keep player-satisfaction high, and the speedy DDR4 ram alongside the NVMe SSD will load chunks with ease. I recommend gradually increasing your RAM as your server expands to keep on top of the strain caused by lots of players loading content at the same time! Running mods especially plugins and mods at the same time will require lots of ram so as I mentioned before as the server grows the more ram you’ll need but if you put 2 together, plugins/mods and players being high a Superior-12 would be the best as well!

Web hosting:

N.B This advice is for people who are using their VPS hosting packages for web hosting ONLY

My advice for what VPS hosting package to choose for your website will vary depending on what sort of site your running. You should choose your VPS hosting package based on how big your site is, how many visitors it attracts per month, and how much revenue it creates for you.

For example, if you’re running a small WordPress blog as a hobby, which gets less than 500 visitors per month and isn’t generating income, budget-3 is probably ok until your site expands and starts to become profitable.
If your site takes up a lot of room but still isn’t attracting many visitors, it may be worth selecting a VPS hosting package in our budget range that has more storage capacity to keep your site online until it becomes more popular.

On the other hand, if your site is attracting a lot of attention and generating income, I strongly recommend selecting any VPS hosting package from our superior range, as the faster NVMe storage and DDR4 ram will boast much faster page loading times and more responsive inputs from your visitors, which could be the difference between making a sale and not during busy periods! For the extra $1 per GB, it’s not worth taking the small performance hit on large websites when a single sale could make up the difference in price! The superior VPS hosting package I would recommend varies based on how many visitors you get, the amount of storage needed for all your databases, and how many cores you need to keep your site lightning fast! A good rule of thumb is to pick a VPS hosting package 10-20GB larger than your site, allowing for expandability without having to constantly upgrade and change plans, giving you constant peace of mind that your site is working properly, is blazing fast, and most importantly is making you money!

Other game hosting:
Most modern games (besides Minecraft), are taking more and more advantage of multi-threaded performance, meaning the more cores the better! You should check community forums, or the publisher’s website, for the game you’re looking to host to see the recommended amount of RAM you’re going to need to host it. I would personally recommend Superior-5 as a minimum for any modern game, as most games will be able to take full advantage of both vCores, and the NVMe SSD, coupled with the blazing-fast DDR4 RAM, making your server super fast giving you the best possible gaming experience while allowing you to maintain full control of your server with our full root access which comes as standard!

Other Uses

Besides what we’ve already listed, there are loads of different ways to use your VPS! Below are a few of my favorite!

Do you love Emulation? A few days ago one of my colleagues managed to run a Nintendo DS emulator off of one of our VPS’s, allowing for gaming straight off of the VPS!

Setting up a custom VPN:
Did you know you can make your own VPN directly off of your VPS? Putting OpenVPN on your VPS will allow your server to act as your own personal VPS, free from control by big VPN companies, giving you full control over every aspect of your VPN.

Make voice calls:
By simply installing the VOIP (Voice over IP) software of your choice, you can run your own voice chat server, directly off of your VPS, allowing you to make calls on your own hardware, without having to go through third parties like Skype or TeamSpeak.

Testing code:
So you’ve just finished a project, but don’t want to run that code on your own computer? Just test the code on your VPS to make sure it’s working fine before you run it on your own computer! Easy peasy!

Closing remarks:
– There are lots of differences between our VPS for hosting packages, and it can be daunting to choose, but we have dedicated staff on hand to help with any questions you might on our discord server.
– Once you have your VPS for hosting package set up, keeping it secure from threats and hackers is vital! Luckily we have a guide on how to secure your VPS, here!
– Looking to run a Minecraft server on your VPS but don’t know where to start? Check out our guide on how to install your Minecraft server here!
– It’s vital to keep your Kernel up to date! Find out how to do it, here.

If you still have any further questions, let us know.

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